Blood and Fire
Blood and Fire






















This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

At character creation choose the Fire Gem as your starting gift.

Run through the first part of the game as normal until you get to Firelink Shrine, use the bonfire to teleport to High Wall of Lothric. Walk down the wooden stairs and light the bonfire, there will be a section of wall that is crumbled across from the bonfire, walking out onto it will aggro a crossbow weilding enemy. This mob has about a 20-30% chance to drop a crossbow. Kill him, then reset by using the bonfire, repeat until it drops the crossbow for you.

Use the bonfire to teleport back to Firelink Shrine, buy 99+ crossbow bolts from the Shrine Handmaid, then follow this video: NOTE: There are several ways to kill the Swordmaster, you can also knock him off the cliff, then die (or log out and back in) and his loot will be there waiting for you .. or you could not cheese it and fight him the hard way (good luck!).

Once you have the sword head to Blacksmith Andre and Infuse the Fire Gem into the Uchigatana, this will remove all stat scaling from the weapon, but add a tremendeous amout of fire damage. Start using all your Titanite Shards to upgrade this weapon.

You will need 11 Str and 16 Dex to utilize the sword. Pump all your remaining points into Luck to level 20. At this point place points into the stat of your choice but leave Str and Dex alone, as you will not benefit from them. 

The logic behind the Luck stat is that it increases the Bleed damage (and maybe reduces the number of hits it takes to start the bleed - I am still testing it) This will GREATLY increase your chance to stagger anything that takes more than 3-4 hits to kill. I have even staggered bosses after only a few swings and kept them chain staggered for a while. for the Uchigatana moveset.


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    • Anonymous

      improved version09 May 2016 04:07  

      A guy on youtube named Figthing Cowboy has a significantly more powerful version that is both PvE and PvP viable. Uses the dual katanas you get from the black hand guys as a hollow weapon and a parrying dagger in the other as a hollow weapon. Luck is 30(with the hollow infusion on both and hollow to 15 or more you gain 5 luck per weapon) it just rips people apart. switch to dual wield and L1 to victory

      • Anonymous

        Why the 2 unchis?27 Apr 2016 14:12  

        Why the two uchis in both hands? Is there a power stance or am i missing something with dual weilding in ds3?

        • Anonymous

          Trying something like this23 Apr 2016 21:08  

          I'm doing an Uchi build based on the luck stat as well but I am infusing with a poison gem instead. There is a base increase to the bleed stat as well as the poison addition which also benefits from luck. My thinking is since some bosses have incredibly high bleed or poison resist you can cripple your way through the game. Plus the scaling doesn't change all that much with a poison gem which is great, you just lose some base damage. I am doing some invasions and the dual damage weapon is crazy good, 3-4 R1 to bleed and poison is too much for some people to handle.

          • Anonymous

            stats20 Apr 2016 10:56  

            so what do we put stats into after reaching 20? how do we keep making build stronger? i've been doing a lot of endurance but should i keep increasing luck?

            • Calculator link15 Apr 2016 01:00  

              Hi! Nice build ~ But a heads up that we had to make a change in the calculator so your previous export link won't work. Please remake it!

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