Dragonslayer Set


Physical Resitance 29.5 Bleed Resistance 151
Strike Defense 25.1 Poison Resistance 94
Slash Defense 29.6 Frost Resistance 99
Thrust Defense 29.6 Curse Resistance 85
Magic Defense 25.1 Poise 34.9
Fire Defense 28.0  
Lightning Defense 21.2 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 19.5 icon_weight.png 32.8

Dragonslayer Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Golden (piece name) associated with Dragonslayer Ornstein, from the age of gods, and imbued with the strength of lightning.

In the dragonless age, this knight, who long guarded the ruined cathedral, left the land in search of the nameless king.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • In the games inital release, the red plume featured on Ornstein's helm was not present when the player wore it, just like the previous games. This lead many player to believe that the red plume was Ornstein's hair. However, due to a fan petition the plume has been added in the 1.11 patch.
  • Possesses a valuable lightning resistance and moderate weight for its seemingly heavy look

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Piece Information

Dragonslayer Helm

Physical Resitance 4.6 Bleed Resistance 28
Strike Defense 3.8 Poison Resistance 18
Slash Defense 4.6 Frost Resistance 18
Thrust Defense 4.6 Curse Resistance 16
Magic Defense 3.5 Poise 4.8
Fire Defense 4.1  
Lightning Defense 4.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 410
Dark Defense 2.6 icon_weight.png 5.8
Armor Type Helms

Dragonslayer Armor

Physical Resitance 14.0 Bleed Resistance 64
Strike Defense 12.2 Poison Resistance 40
Slash Defense 14.1 Frost Resistance 43
Thrust Defense 14.1 Curse Resistance 36
Magic Defense 12.4 Poise 17.3
Fire Defense 13.5  
Lightning Defense 13.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 420
Dark Defense 10.0 icon_weight.png 14.4
Armor Type Chest Armor

Dragonslayer Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.5 Bleed Resistance 21
Strike Defense 2.9 Poison Resistance 13
Slash Defense 3.5 Frost Resistance 14
Thrust Defense 3.5 Curse Resistance 12
Magic Defense 3.2 Poise 3.7
Fire Defense 3.6  
Lightning Defense 3.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 2.4 icon_weight.png 4.2
Armor Type Gauntlets

Dragonslayer Leggings

Physical Resitance 7.4 Bleed Resistance 38
Strike Defense 6.2 Poison Resistance 23
Slash Defense 7.4 Frost Resistance 24
Thrust Defense 7.4 Curse Resistance 21
Magic Defense 6.0 Poise 9.1
Fire Defense 6.8  
Lightning Defense 6.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 410
Dark Defense 4.5 icon_weight.png 8.4
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      07 Aug 2021 19:44  

      My only problem with this armor are the shoulder pads. Ornstein had them lifted, why can't we have it too?

      • Anonymous

        02 May 2021 18:30  

        So, i little wild thought i ll just throw out there:

        Faraam's knights were also known as lion knights, but this armor resembles a golden lion, maybe different from the one decipted in faraam set.

        We could theorize said lion would be the lion of forossa, a land mentioned in ds2 as a kingdom that venerated a god of war.

        if said god of war was the sun's first born, then maybe it's true crime was not the alliance with dragons, but rather an attempt to bring new beings similar to them. Ds1 s sanctuary guardian could be what faraam created in his early attempts, as a great flying lion capable of wielding the gods's lightning. Of course, it's possibly a failed experiment as such being was closer to a demon than a dragon (a barbed scorpion tail, goat-like horns and glowing red eyes, wich has nothing to do with a feline's anatomy. Thus, decipting a vicious beast with no place in the world).

        If ornstein were truly to become the king of the storm, i'd say the resulting being was a more successful attempt. Not to create a dragon, but a descendant of such race with slight differences: the wings have feathers instead of membranes, the skin is covered not only in scales, but also in fur. And distinctive horns wich are twisted like a goat, rather than the traditional straight or curved horns of a dragon.

        These details led me to think that what ornstein truly transformed in was what the easterners called an oni. Despite having the form of a dragon, it has some characteristics more akin to demons. Wich would give sense to what the japanese word "oni" refers to, as such creatures aren't demons per-se, but rather other beings derivated from them.

        What i just said might just be a pile of bullsht, but i'll juat throw it over here.

        • Anonymous

          23 Mar 2021 05:52  

          Can someone suggest a good headpiece to go with this set?
          The lothric knight helm looks good but the color is off

          • Anonymous

            06 Jul 2020 10:18  

            Really wish this set would be available earlier, I just want to go through Irithyll cosplayed as him ...

            • Anonymous

              09 Dec 2019 16:50  

              Just making an observation, but Ornstein's name is "Griffith", which means"Strong lord" Welsh, or as a Griffin, which is a legendary creature that has the head of an eagle, and body of a lion. Also Ornstein's gender is only confirmed with the Leo ring description in these games, which is very strange since it's not on his armor or anywhere else. Lastly, Ornstein's hair Might actually be red, as it was patched in in 3, but was never there in 1 or remastered, so We can make the educated guess that his hair is red.

              • Anonymous

                08 Aug 2019 22:18  

                This, Havel's, Fallen k***ght or Artorias' set is what almost every ganker wears. Not saying that they are bad for fashion or sets in general.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Nov 2018 17:51  

                  throwback to dark souls 1 & 2 and im very glad that he added this armor in ds3. remembrance of Orenstein the dragon slayer. And the fat guy that know cares about.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Oct 2018 14:54  

                    bet fashion souls is the nameless king's crown or ringed knight hood, dragonslayer chest piece, lorian's leggings, and the dragonslayer gauntlets

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Sep 2018 00:18  

                      This armor suffers the same drawbacks as Havel's for fashion. Looms great, but the tassels are W A Y too big and the pauldrons need to stick out more to really shape the armor better than this

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jun 2018 01:45  

                        Am I the only bothered by the fact that the teeth in the helmet have slots in between as if to see out, but your character's eyes only go up to mid-neck?

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