Havel's Set

Physical Resitance 35.3 Bleed Resistance 172
Strike Defense 32.7 Poison Resistance 165
Slash Defense 35.0 Frost Resistance 165
Thrust Defense 33.5 Curse Resistance 145
Magic Defense 27.6 Poise 50.1
Fire Defense 31.3  
Lightning Defense 25.4 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 27.6 icon_weight.png 56.9

Havel's Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Armor as if hewn from a giant boulder, Highly protective, but excessively heavy.

The warriors who followed Havel the Rock never flinched, nor retreated from battle, crushing any foe that stood in their way.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • Some of the outright heaviest armor in the game, second only to Smough's Set, with an underwelming defense rating. 
  • Grants the highest fire resistance in the whole game if all the pieces are worn.

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Piece Information

Havel's Helm

Physical Resitance 6.7 Bleed Resistance 31
Strike Defense 6.1 Poison Resistance 30
Slash Defense 6.7 Frost Resistance 30
Thrust Defense 6.3 Curse Resistance 26
Magic Defense 5.0 Poise 10.2
Fire Defense 5.8  
Lightning Defense 4.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 500
Dark Defense 5.0 icon_weight.png 10.8
Armor Type Helms

Havel's Amor

Physical Resitance 18.5 Bleed Resistance 72
Strike Defense 17.0 Poison Resistance 69
Slash Defense 18.4 Frost Resistance 69
Thrust Defense 17.5 Curse Resistance 61
Magic Defense 14.1 Poise 27.4
Fire Defense 16.2  
Lightning Defense 12.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 500
Dark Defense 14.1 icon_weight.png 21.6
Armor Type Chest Armor

Havel's Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 4.7 Bleed Resistance 24
Strike Defense 4.3 Poison Resistance 23
Slash Defense 4.6 Frost Resistance 23
Thrust Defense 4.4 Curse Resistance 20
Magic Defense 3.5 Poise 7.2
Fire Defense 4.0  
Lightning Defense 3.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 500
Dark Defense 3.5 icon_weight.png 9.1
Armor Type Gauntlets

Havel's Leggings

Physical Resitance 10.7 Bleed Resistance 45
Strike Defense 9.8 Poison Resistance 43
Slash Defense 10.6 Frost Resistance 43
Thrust Defense 10.1 Curse Resistance 38
Magic Defense 8.1 Poise 17.6
Fire Defense 9.3  
Lightning Defense 7.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 500
Dark Defense 8.1 icon_weight.png 15.4
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      11 Jun 2018 02:35  

      In dark souls III, the Helmet is heavier, the chestplate is heavier, the gauntlets are lighter (as they should be, they used to be 11ish kilo's which is like... 25 pounds on the wrists... absurd) and now the leggings are heavier than the gauntlets (As they should be)

      I total'd and calculated the weights for this set,
      In darksouls II, it was a solid 50 Kilo's which is about 110ish pounds of Raw ROCC
      In dark souls III, Havel desided to gain some more ROCC.... the armour NOW weighs 56.9 Kilo's... fuckin 'ell

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2018 07:09  

        Notice how people talk about dumping points in vigor for this set and endurance is what raises equip load? Throwing that out there. Dumbasses... xD

        • Anonymous

          02 Mar 2018 12:08  

          This comment section is a prime example as to why the Dark Souls PvP community is one of the worst communities out there. Nothing but twelve year olds or 20 year old greasy neckbeards saying "Git gud" "Casual" "You use __ weapon/armor? Kill yourself!"

          I am honestly ashamed to play the same games as the people in this community at times.

          • Anonymous

            01 Mar 2018 10:29  

            Just reading the comments and it is apparent that only 12 year old assholes who actually feel like they are something play this game. Stfu wear whatever armor you want, play how you want and get a life... God I hate candy ass teenagers.

            • Anonymous

              04 Feb 2018 22:22  

              Full Havel's? Good. Gauntlets and Leggings only on any other piece of armor? The ugliest tryhard fashion thing you can encounter.

              • Anonymous

                08 Nov 2017 15:33  

                i just imagine its actualy the rock johnson in the armor.
                tho what this NPC truly look like without a set ?, it sould ave a actual body.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Nov 2017 15:25  

                  the havel set look like its made of worn titanium, its make more since why its so heavy and ave a great durability.
                  you know, that metal look like that wen it oxide.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Oct 2017 08:46  

                    Its just so retarded how someone in a giant suit made out of *****ing rock flinches when hit with a tiny sword

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Oct 2017 05:07  

                      Lapps is just as good, weighs less, and in my opinion (as I enjoy the classic knight in shining armor look) looks better. Sucks it's only dlc though.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Sep 2017 22:51  

                        I like that the description only applies to NPC's. Players I encounter with Havel's are trash. Why use the most defensive armor if you won't even chase down an enemy? Simple. They didn't git gud and as such can't fight.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Aug 2017 20:27  

                          Okej since nobody is saying it.

                          Havels set + shield + weapon

                          You need 85 vitality to roll nomrally. With vigor ring +3 and havels +3

                          You can even wear the ceastus with simple and blessed gem as seconds too to switch between regen

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Jul 2017 22:48  

                            People complain about this set, honestly I think there is nothing wrong if people want to wear super heavy armor. Personally I like using stylish light armor like leonards or assassins set. To each his own, keep in mind those who wear this have dumped around 30 points into vigor, so their other stats will be lacking if they are the same level as you. Not to mention no amount of heavy armor will prevent you from being stunned outside of HA. Considering there is a small gap between ultra heavy armor and light armor, damage absorption wise, its hard to justify investing so heavily in vigor. Lighter armor will give 10 defense against strike/thrust/slash and havels give around 17, not much of a difference, in the end it only moderately reduces damage taken, so those complaining of havels being too good, should be wary of this.

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Jul 2017 19:03  

                              Dis armor+Ring of ***** u no backstab+Greatshield of GLORY+Weapon with a silly all over the place weapon art+All 4 plus 3 rings=***** u ex dee

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