Build Level: 137 (but can be capped lower cause I initially used a heavier armor and avelyn is'nt really necessary)
Build Focus: Made for Pvp but is very useful in Pve
Build Main Stat: DEX/STR/LUCK
Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator

Right Hand :  Onikiri and ubadachi hollowed +10 / Avelyn (with splintering bolts)
Left Hand : Claw  hollowed +10
Head : Helm of Thorns
Chest : Armor of Thorns
Hands : Gauntlets of Thorns
Legs : Leggings of Thorns
Rings : Prisoner's Chain / Chloranthy Ring (highest version you have) / Pontiff's right eye / Carthus Bloodring
Items : I personally only use grass crest but you can add Kukris and carthus rouge.

Build Strategy :

To begin the fight try to keep your distance while you evaluate your opponent stamina, then roll to him and wait for a window to attack and make him bleed.

Tips :

If you keep Y or Δ pressed you will have a claw in each hands and will be able to use its weapon art.

Your weapons arts (onikiri's and claw's) are'nt easy to use but are very good at stunnig people and will let you the time to kill.

Two handed LB/L1 attacks are very powerful with your onikiri and your claw cause they are 2 hits attacks.

Against light/weak builds you can go close and spam LB/L1 with your claw for an easy win.

Versus most of the builds you have to make a two LB/L1 combo with onikiri two handed then your weapon art and kill is almost done.

If your target is low hp and run away use your avelyn and the ability of thorns armor to finish him.If not you can use any of your attack to kill.

Cause you're pretty weak : versus greatswords hammers and other heavy weapons you'll have to wait until your opponent use all his stamina to attack.This kind of build is a good target for your weapon art what can be used after one of their heavy attacks wth a long recovery time.

Against parry user try to use all your moveset you'll be harder to parry.




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