Eyes of a Fire Keeper is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Eyes of a Fire Keeper

A pair of dark eyes.

Said to be the eyes of the first Fire Keeper, and the light that was lost by all Fire Keepers to come.

It reveals to the sightless Fire Keepers things that they should never see.


Eyes of a Fire Keeper Usage

  • Can be given to the Fire Keeper in the hub version of Firelink Shrine. She will then offer to "remove fire from the world".
  • Talking to Ludleth the Exiled while in possesion of the eyes will change his dialogue to explain the background story of the untended graves and the owner of the eyes.
  • The effects of giving the eyes to the Fire Keeper changes the Firelink Shrine music, changes the Fire Keeper`s dialogue, as well as providing option of the Betrayal Ending.
  • If the Fire Keeper is killed after giving her the eyes, the eyes will be returned to the player and then everything will become as if you had never given them in the first place. Note that you can still return the eyes to her after this happens.



Eyes of a Fire Keeper Locations







    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2017 04:44  

      I want to sell the eyes of the firekeeper since they are useless,if you wish for a world with no fire you just get a playthrought with no bonfires so I killed her,any ideas on how to dispose of the dark souls equivalent of the lord of the rings....ring

      • Anonymous

        31 Aug 2017 01:17  

        I gave her the eyes like the dingdong I am and then had to kill her. I feel f*cking awful godammit dark souls.

        • Anonymous

          15 May 2017 07:13  

          I wish the game had blueberries and we could give them to her, and she'd never know they arnt actually eyes

          • Anonymous

            14 May 2017 18:58  

            Honestly, call me weird, but I actually prefer the Ending The Fire Ending. It's messed up, but honestly, It needs to happen...Lothric is shredding itself apart. The Fire is already dying...and no Flame burns forever.

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2017 15:30  

              question I have is what do they show the fire keeper? something corrupted? Or the truth? and what truth would that be? Why does she see things but want me to kill her then? Does she "reset" after each death? Does she forget what she saw? does she prefers to live a lie? I don't understand what is going with these eyes. are the eyes evil? Or are we evil in linking the fire? and if yes why would she wish for that? her reaction makes no sense to me.

              • Anonymous

                29 Mar 2017 07:34  

                The decease Fire Keeper you get the eyes from almost reminds me of the Maiden in Black. Maybe it's just me.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Feb 2017 03:11  

                  She says if you have regrets of giving her the eyes, kill her, and take eyes. She will come back to life withour eyes

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Jan 2017 06:16  

                    I be her the eyes because I have already beaten all the bosses, but I regret it because the firelink shrine now makes me really sad because of the music

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Jan 2017 21:34  

                      Aparently after you give the firekeeper the eyes, the music in firelink changes from the violin music to a much sadder piano tune

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Dec 2016 23:31  

                        Some kind of squelching or popping sound would have been appreciated when giving the Fire Keeper these eyes. Way to break my immersion From.

                        • Anonymous

                          NG+ question26 Sep 2016 21:15  

                          Do the eyes carry over to NG+? I just want to make sure whether i should just give her the eyes now after already beating the final boss or start NG+ with them to get the alternate ending.

                          • Anonymous

                            Matter of Grave Importance12 Sep 2016 02:48  

                            I think it's important to address the fact that her eyes are god *****ed blueberries.

                            • Anonymous

                              Irina09 Aug 2016 15:28  

                              Had to test it out and Irina will not accept the eyes after becoming a Firekeeper. There's no option to give them to her.

                              • Anonymous

                                After Linking the Flame05 Aug 2016 05:52  

                                if you have the eyes, you can still give them to the Firekeeper even though you finished the playthrough.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Options28 Jul 2016 03:55  

                                  So if I kill her will she respawn? Also if I don't kill her nor wish to change the ending with the eyes will anything happen? Basically if she just has them, will anything happen?

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