Cathedral Knight PvP
Cathedral Knight Set and Greatsword
level_icon.jpg 120 Vigor 40 Attunement 10 Endurance 40 Vitality 42
Strength 40 (45) Dexterity 12 Intelligence 9 Faith 9 Luck 7

 Build Information

  • Build Name: Cathedral Knight
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvP / Cosplay
  • Build Main Stat: STR


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

This build is honestly not that great as far as PvP builds go, but that's what makes it fun for me. Most of how you want to play it is offensive. Using power attacks to bait, and then getting two R1's in with stagger is a pretty common combo I use, but also using the two handed power well timed against one of their rolls is a lot of damage. Do be cautious when going against Dexterity builds as stagger locking can be a big problem. In those situations, I find it best to try and get them to back off by using the weapon art followed by the weapon art R2. If it connects, it deals massive damage and knocks them down. If you do it quick enough, the R2 will activate your hyper armor and you won't get staggered. Another thing about the hyper armor is that the second R1 in the R1 spam combo also stops you from being staggered. I have a feeling this build will become much better if From ever actually turns Poise back on. A boy can dream.

The weapon with Heavy Infusion causes A scaling in STR, so that is why I put the Knight's Ring in. Some changes you may want to make to this is using more efficient Rings, as I originally built this without knowing that Poise was disabled. Havel's Ring or the Prisoner's Chain would both be strong choices, or perhaps the Hornet Ring if you like to go for backstabs.

Use the Knight starting class to get the exact stats I have. Chosen for higher ATN than the Warrior, so using the weapon art isn't as wasteful if it misses. Warrior starting class could give it more VIG/STR/END/VIT depending on how you spec it. This could be good if you don't see yourself using the weapon art more than once a fight.



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    • Anonymous

      im currently trying this build soon i will reach the cathedral and start farming the knights .. but i desperately need a ton of levels to be able to properly use the set and the sword or mace... i would also go and use the tower shield lets hope for the best

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if anybody tried this build -> But id like to notice, that the +5 strenght from ring has minimal impact on the damage with heavy cathedral sword +9 (around 3AR).

        Also, the ring choice is not the greatest.
        I alter between ring of favor, prisoner chain, hornet ring, blue tearstone ring, the hp regen ring, stamina regen ring, lloyd sword ring (usually with hp regen ring to proc it often).

        Also, i put 10/10 int faith to use carthus arc pyromancy, and offhand glove to parry. I have 35 vigor, and with havel/prisoner chain i can go under 70%.
        I`m at the 99,5% load however, cause i also use cathedral greatshield for the looks.

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