SL 100 Badass Morne's Set Build
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
100 27 6 40 43
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
50 10 8 9 11

 The Facts

  • Build Name: SL 100 Badass Morne's Set Build
  • Build Level: 100
  • Build Focus: PVP
  • Build Main Stat: Strength


WITHOUT RINGS                    WITH RINGS






  • Short answer: RINGS
  • Long answer: Havel's Ring gives you more equip load. Ring of Favor gives you more health, stamina, and equip load. Knight's Ring gives you +5 strength, putting you at 50 and saving 5 soul levels. Prisoner's Chain gives you more equip weight, health, etc. Basically, the rings give you 15 free soul levels. +5 in vigor/endurance/strength each.



      This build is designed to control space in pvp engagements and deal massive damage. Morne's Armor provides good protection and poise. Morne's stat values are better than most armor found within its weight class. This makes Morne's a formidable armor set for an opponent. Using this set with a well timed weapon art can lead to devastating result. If the enemy does not bring sufficent poise or health to the battlefield he is surely doomed. One combo is often all a good player needs to kill the opposition. If you were a fan of the Giant's Dad build from DS1 you will feel right at home. Make sure to swap between one and two handed styles to keep your enemies on their toes with mixups. Good Luck!

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    • Anonymous

      22 Vigor?!?! You are going to get smashed at SL 100. Your poise is low too. I bet you get out traded all the time.

      • Anonymous

        Just wanna say I moved this up to SL120, used Greatsword due to FUGS block during weapon art which can drain stamina, switches grass crest for small leather shield cos I found with greatsword combo no ones want to come near you giving you enough time to regen anyway and also added some faith with lightning spells just for a little bit of fun and also being able to lightning buff your greatsword.

        I also removed a lot of points in vit taking it down to 32 and prisoner's chain bringing it back to 37 meaning you get midroll/normal roll whatever (below 70%) and I've found it very fun to play so far. Getting the +3 versions of Havel and RoF means being able to spend vit points elsewhere, all in all I think the build ended up around 118 so even 2 extra levels. If the 50 Strength annoys you because of softcap you can easily re-distribute that too if you feel.

        I saw a bit of hate on here about some of the distribution of stats and I would like to say this build isn't necessarily bad it's just not done 100% correctly making the entire efficiency of the build a bit, well, not efficient.

        • Anonymous

          Poise is useful now because it affects hyper armour with the latest patch however I would like to see a 40 vigor build because it would make it somewhat viable for pvp, thanks tho

          • Anonymous

            1.Drop Chain and Morne armour immediatly2.Pick a lighter set like Knight/Nameless Knight3.Drop Vit to minimum required with Favor+Havel4.MORE VIGOR, JESUS5.Get Life Ring in 3th slot

            • Anonymous

              1. Poise?! non-existent.2. "This build is designed to control space". No the FUGS specializes in that, be more specific.3. If you want to use almost any weapon you want and deal massive damage use something like this because you clearly don't know what you're doing

              • Anonymous

                Morne's Armor provides good protection and you even play this game? both are not really existant.

                • Anonymous

                  Heavy armor is a waste, it makes little difference to what damage you take and poise literally doesn't do anything in this game. 0 poise is the same as 100, honestly get enough vitality to carry your heavy strength weapon then never touch it again. The Knights starting 15 is usually enough

                  • Anonymous

                    This build rocks. Altho i went for sl 120. Ditched prisoners chain ring and replaced with knight slayers ring for agressive attacking and breaking opponents stamina. I just added 20 extra points to vigor endurance and vitality ofc

                    • Anonymous

                      Assuming I was using a ring of favor +3, that could save me a couple levels on vitality right? Where would be the best place to put the spare levels?

                      • Anonymous

                        With how things are right now with the game those points in vitality is kinda useless if not for the damage absorption. Not unless From does something about it.

                        • Anonymous

                          >50 strength>Visionsofcasul.orangesoapstoneYou have 50 points in strength, dude, it doesn't make sense. Giant Dad was intendend to be hysterically min/maxed and have a lot of life for his soul level and you instead just dumped a lot in a offensive stats. With knight's ring and 10 strength you could two-hand a fire zweihander, then dump everything into life/vitality/endurance to armor up decently.Maybe your build is stronger than mine, but definitely yours isn't similar to the giantdad at all. Giant Dad was supposed to be cheesy and cancerous, yours is badly optimized if anything at all.

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