Much of my inspiration comes from this build, with much more detail. I made some changes though, and this is a TLDR/wiki version. The build, stats, and items. Much of this is personal decision and can be changed. Things that can be changed or are of note will be highlighted below.


Not much that can be changed. 50 strength and 30 faith are required for the hammer, so you don't have much wiggle room. You need enough VIT to midroll (below 70%), and everything else is just put into Endurance and Vigor. The endurance I have will let you swing 3 times and roll or swing 4 times in a row, so it's at a pretty good place. It's up to you if you want less vigor though. 



This is entirely fashion souls. Light armour is best so that you can keep VIT low, but if you're more comfortable with heavy armour just level higher/change up endurance and vigor. It's up to you.


Obviously you need Morne's lol. Caestus is for dealing with super fast weapons and katanas, and other easy to parry weapons. Make sure you use the deep infusion! That way you regen FP, and can spam Morne's Rage constantly. Light parrying sheilds work too, though. That's pretty much this build, dealing with ganks and spammers. Longsword is also up to you, any weapon you can use to roll catch and chase people down is good. Make sure it's light and fast. Chime is to cast your miracles. Original build uses Deep Protection because it's good, not much to say about it. It can be changed but there's not really any alternatives.


Havel's and ROF are vital. The other two are mostly flex slots. I use Chain for the free 15 levels so I don't have to go way past meta, and use steel protection to cancel out part of the chain's downside. They can be changed. Lots of people use Chloranthy ring and Life Ring, so if you want that, put those in there instead and just level up a little bit more.


Not much to say. Don't use estus during duels, use it in invasions. Use ashen whenever you want. Green blossom constantly for the stamina boost, and throwing knives to catch people at really low health. 



So yeah, that's pretty much the build. Morne's is a super duper fun weapon that most people don't know much about. Spam Rage whenever people are spamming at you/rolling around you/trying to gank you/etc. Trade a lot, you'll almost always win due to good hyper armour and a ~620 AR. 



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