Soul of a Champion is a Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of a Champion

Soul found in the corpse of a champion of legend.Use to acquire enough souls to sate a lord.

Let the Fire Keeper transform this sovereignless soul into a source of strength, for to be Unkindled is to be a vessel for souls.


Soul of a Champion Usage

  • Use to gain 25,000 souls.



Soul of a Champion Locations

  • One found in the Demon Ruins, At the end of the bridge, to the right, where you encounter the Greatsword Black Knight.. (Must be in NG+)
  • One can be found in the Irithyll Dungeon, where you drop into the Giant's room for the first time. Next to his arms when he is asleep and next to the Crystal Lizard. (Must be in NG+)
  • One can be found in Anor Londo, up the stairs from the bonfire, to the right.. It is on a ledge, guarded by a red eyed silver knight. (Must be in NG+)
  • One can be found after the Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire, up the ladder and straight forward.. There is going to be a red eyed lothric knight guarding it, with a healer. (Must be in NG+)
  • After the bonfire in the Untended Graves, one can be found next to what appears to be a broken fire / Lord Vessel.
  • 2 are located in the arena where you fight the Millwood Chieftain.




  • Relevant Quality of Life improvement: Souls can be sold to vendors for the same value as when you use them. This way you can see what amount of souls they are going to give you.




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    • Anonymous

      01 Sep 2019 23:08  

      There is one directly above the entrance to Dark Firelink Shrine (on the way back from getting the Chaos Blade, take the left stairs).

      • Anonymous

        13 Aug 2019 08:44  

        i picked up the champion souls in the painted world near where the earth seeker greataxe is and im not seeing any champion souls anywhere in my inventory. i think the game just straight robbed me.

        • Anonymous

          17 Aug 2018 14:09  

          These are farmable from those psychotic Locust *****s in the Ringed City, but it’s still moderately uncommon even with SoA, CGS +3 and Rusted Gold Coin. At least in NG+

          • Anonymous

            16 Apr 2017 14:39  

            you can farm it from the preacher (the enemy, not the npc) near ringed city street bonfire in NG+3. it dropped seasoned warrior, intrepid hero, and soul of a champion with avarice & gold covetous ring +3 in decent rate. just be careful with the judicator tho.

            "let the feast begin"

            • Anonymous

              01 Apr 2017 04:11  

              I got this item as a drop from one of the big locus guys in the swamp of the ringed city dlc. I do not know what the drop rate is and I haven't tried farming it. Just thought it would be interesting to share.

              • Anonymous

                Number?27 Jun 2016 01:41  

                I ended my first NG+ cycle with 11 of these...I wish I could remember each location. Was hoping they'd be listed here.

                • Anonymous

                  untended graves24 May 2016 01:24  

                  the soul of a champion in the untended graves must be in NG+just checked and it was soul of a crestfallen knight in NG

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