Soul of a Great Champion is a Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of a Great Champion

"Soul found in the corpse of a champion of legend.

Used to acquire enough souls to sate a lord.

Let the Fire Keeper transform this sovereignless soul into a source of strength, for to be Unkindled is to be a vessel for souls."


Soul of a Great Champion Usage

  • Use to gain 50,000 souls.



Soul of a Great Champion Locations

  • One found in NG+ at the top of the Grand Archives, on a body next to the three human mobs right before the elevator shortcut next to the bonfire.
  • One found in Archdragon Peak, Down the stairs of the Great Belfry bonfire, in the center ruins immediately to the right. (Must be in NG+)
  • One found in NG+ under the Undead Bone Shard location in the Grand Archives near the Scholar Mages prior to the exit towards the Gargoyles.  You can find the soul near the Cursed Bookcases. 
  • One found in NG+ where the Millwood Chieftain is in Ashes of Ariandel
  • One found in NG+ on the stair case the 6 Harald Legion Knights guard in The Ringed City
  • One found in NG+ near the Purging Monument.




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    • Anonymous

      08 Jan 2019 22:54  

      I dropped one of these from a invader (althoug I didn't see the invasion warning, not sure what was it) in Farron Keep, right before Abyss Watchers. Why is that?

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2019 04:01  

        Ok so I have an Xbox One and PC so I have no prejudice when it comes to who plays what but..... Y'all people playing on Xbox need to git gud cause begging for souls is annoying and stupid. That said people who ask for souls on PC is dumb too but more people beg on Xbox than they do PC.

        • Anonymous

          03 Jan 2019 02:36  

          So I was playing mah dark souls and this scrub asked me “can I get about tree fiddy great souls and I said damnit no scrub I ain’t got no tree fiddy”

          • Anonymous

            29 Dec 2018 22:45  

            CaN sOmEOnE GiVE Me 99 oF ThEse FoR FrEE!!?!?? Honestly, people need to stop begging and just NG+ if they want them, or farm up the souls the normal way. If its so tedious throw on an auto summon covenant you'll get a few summons here and there to break the monotony, and even if you die you don't lose your souls like Red Eye Orb invasions.

            • Anonymous

              10 Jul 2018 20:20  

              everyone in here is begging for these things like my mother in-laws chihuahua when it's fucking dinner time.

              And here I am on PC and somebody dropped 99 of them for me and I'm like "Welp. Time to delete this character before Tuesday."

              • Anonymous

                04 Jul 2018 00:40  

                The amount of begging in this is actually disgusting. You are probably the people to have 3 phantoms and leave game when the invader kills all of them. git gud

                • Anonymous

                  27 May 2018 03:53  

                  I don't mean to beg, I'm just bad at low lvl, I'm squishy like that, but can eom one plz dup 2 stacks for me (reply for xbox1 gamertag)

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Mar 2018 14:24  

                    i wouldn't keep asking for souls, they are few in numbers and even if you've managed to get a stack no one would be willing to drop the most valuable soul item in game. unless your able to duplicate them then there is no point in giving to random players.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Mar 2018 06:39  

                      Can anybody please give me a stack of souls I would appreciate it so much. Xbox one Gamertag XNightZombiesX

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