Darkness my old friend
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 20  21 12 10 8
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
12 9 15 15 7

Hi there, this is my first build on Fextralife and I'm glad to see that YOU come to see my build.
Have fun with it ;D 

  • Build Name: Darkness my old friend
  • Build Level: 20
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Vigor
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3/185092


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

How to play this build? It's easy: invade -> parry -> WIN

You deal so much dmg without any upgrades. So you can invade everyone. even the new ones :D


Have fun and \'[-|-]/ Prise the sun! \'[-|-]/

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    • Anonymous

      met this build while counter twinking on a sunbro with solaire cosplay he just spammed the **** out of caestus parry with dark hand while standing still like cmon man at least try

      • Anonymous

        I have similar build, but when I already got blindfold mask, I started cosplaying firekeeper with her set.
        It's lighter, so you are under 30% eq load.
        + Ghru dagger with poison gem...
        I don't use it to kill new players. When I see that the player is newbie, isn't twink and doesn't ganging I just give him few embers and equip pyro starting axe, so he/she has some chance...

        • Anonymous

          That build is thrash tbh. Dark hand try hard build with a mashing R1 canon. That weapon is literally one of the big reason why low level PvP is this much toxic. Blue, Red or Purple, its all the same toxicity level if you use that kind of setup.

          • Anonymous

            Could everyone for the love of god stop saying twink? It's confusing me because twink can mean a***** guy in ***** and it's messing with my head. Btw, I'm over the age of 21, so good luck calling me a noob, scrub, or casul, or anything else.

            • Anonymous

              Hello, I am new to the game and would like to join the pvp but I lack the knowledge of how to get any required item with 21 level soul. Do I have to beat Gundry for Prisoner's Chain with 21 SL ? If anyone could explain me I would be very glad. Thank you...

              • Anonymous

                Cheater cheater pumpkin eaters, lol, but yeah this build really only requires ...

                A: Dark (R)hand, Cheat over a 2nd one For LeftyFisty, and to make people extra salty; we all know a SL-20 cant beat the game w/o a game shark Bro!

                B: Green Bar ( this is where he real dmg comes from, Bigger green bar= bigger R1 Hawaiian Canned Pork

                C: Red Bar (your Fuck up points) IIRC 17 or 26 would be the first 2 low lvl breakpoints to red bar stat. after that sure you go up, yet, like marriage,it's just not as great as it used to be.

                D: Carry weight /per fassion soul gear of choice(Smough Shouldn't be able to roll IMO; well once started, shouldn't ever be able to stop rolling)

                E: str/dex per weapon of choice for Intimidation purposes.( costly side effect of str/dex investment is that Dark (R)Hand Physical dmg AR increases NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOoooooOOOOOOOooooooo)

                F: Faith/Int For Flavor Spells, at teh costly side effect of uincreasing your Dark damg you deal with darkhand, FML! why does this sh!t

                So, "cheat/twinking" can all be done Offline w/o save editers OR TWINKLING TITANITES! . the dark hand dmg is enough to carry you thru Normal for all item gathering needs
                +5Str +5Dex and their int faith counterparts also "add dmg" so milk ring also Boosts dmg.
                Flynns ring while naked will see abotu ~10 ar chance pending total equipment, Very lightweight armors sees that 10 ar dropped to around a 6ar or so weapon bonus.(idk what Scaling variances can do with flynns, as i imagine a HIGH soul lvl(stats weights) would gain More AR than the low lvl would in same gear while trying to avoid being labeled as "cheater" in your Ring selections alternatives. but hey i guess a game developer that fully intended INVADER FAVORANCE Never intended for a dark spirit to go invade low lvl people, the coward act that i see this guy does is NOT lvling up, and maintainig his +0 weapon range. so i guess he's stuck fighting SL 1-75+ people. instad of upgrading his weapon to +1,+2 amnd fighting the same lvl ranges , becasue a higher lvl builds with no weapon upgrades fall into the "low end bracket" for inavading and ganking Pre Vordt players. it's all double edged and working as intended.
                hire a gank squad and hope the dark hand dosnt pimp them allout a commision.
                (try a primary dark hand, default class lvl build out,never upgrade weapons if u wana face the lowest high lvl possible, or stick to the +2 reg/+1 Boss ratio to keep things mellow and slowly up your angst as you see fit. keep in midn Dark hand gains its mass dmg fromt he sheer amount of Swings you can effectively land, at at such a low lvl with ar breaking 300 while naked, poppong off punches for 2-3 hundred staggers many players, even teh password summoned in ultra high lvl helper dudes, go give them a go'ol fasioned What for( joind the cov u want teh most from , like the guild of Crazy Purple Nurples, that way you be either Big Douche or a 'lil Brony)

                • Anonymous

                  yes yes it is a mean build, but it's friggin hilarious to mess with newbies. btw it is possible to get all the materials of this build without trading I mean look at the lvl1 whole game play through's.

                  • Anonymous

                    Stupid casul build, it needs inventory editor or someone to drop you the items so you can prey on starters...

                    • Anonymous

                      This build is for people who cheat by having another person drop all the necessary items or use other people to carry them around the game until they acquire all the necessary items. The game was not designed to be played this way. Basically what I'm trying to say here is... If you are a coward who is afraid to fight with honor and have other people help you cheat go with this build.

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