Blades of the Darkmoon are back!
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
100 35 18 30 15
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
13 32 (40) 9 30 7


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Blade of the Darkmoon is back, by AlricOmega3.
  • Build Level: 100.
  • Build Focus: PvE and PvP.
  • Build Main Stat: Dex & Faith.
  • Starting class: Knight.
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 CalculatorLink


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

Basically, it's a callback from Oroboro's DS1 build. Smashing R1/RB for full stunlock combo until stamina runs out for maximum DPS. Peasy cake :D

Build will be updated as soon as I could get some testing.

Stand back and cower as you slowly take off your opponents health with cheap hits, you casual!


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    • Anonymous

      why the Carthus Curved in particular? It doesn'y scale with faith or anything and the Falchion has better damage with the same scaling

      • Anonymous

        Hi all. I'm new to DS3 and DS franchise in general. I've been wondering if I can use a 1h sword+shield and still be able to cast the weapon buff miracles?

        I really like the idea of being able to buff my weapons.


        • Anonymous

          Would these stats work with adding a little more into faith and replace dark moon lad and blessed weapon with sunlight spear lightning stake and/or lightning storm?

          • Anonymous

            On my 2nd playthrough with all the dlcs, I am doing a variation of this where I invest more into dex and vitality and I only use spells that require 20 faith max. I mostly use faith for healing right now to preserve estus inbetween fights. It works beautifully so far. I'm looking forward to using weapon buffs later on.

            • On my last playthrough I decided to base my character on this build.So far, the best way I can see to make a dex/faith build work is using Faith for buffs and your favorite Dexterity weapon for damage. One of the GREATEST things about this build is you get to use Tears of Denial, which allows you to survive a hit that would have killed you one time before the spell wears off. The best thing about this is that you can cast the spell, rest at a bonfire, then get back up and the spell will still be active. As far as I can tell the spell doesn't expire unless it gets used up either. This spell only has a 15 Faith requirement and it uses 100 FP. It does however require 2 attunement slots, so you'll need a total of 3 for the build I've got.I've tried half a dozen other Miracles(Dorthys' Gnawing, Lifehunt Scythe, Lightning Stake, Sunlight Spear, and Homeward) but nothing really works as well as using Tears of Denial + Lightning Blade. Sunlight spear/Dorthys' Gnawing was cool and gives you a ranged attack, but I found that I only really used it in situations where I could have just charged the opponent instead, and it was a waste of FP. Lifehunt Scythe was also pretty cool because it looked badass, but offensively it's pretty garbage and if you're going for the HP recovery you're better off with a healing spell. I'm still looking for other Miracles that work with the build though. So far Tears + L Blade is the best I've found, however I haven't tried the other spells OP mentioned.As far as weapons go, I'd say just use your favourite weapon that can take buffs. For me that was the Corvian Scythe with a Sharp infusion. At +10 I'm getting an A scaling in Dex. It's not really the best weapon, but it's fun, unique and looks awesome. The bleed damage is also pretty cool for spamming moves. If you go for this weapon, keep in mind that you also stack bleed on yourself, but in all my time of using it I don't think I've ever actually done damage to myself with it. It also only does it's full damage if you hit your opponent with the blade part of the scythe apparently. The Great Scythe is a good substitute for the Corvian one if you don't want to stack bleed on yourself. There are still much better dex weapons out there though.Overall a pretty fun build. You can change the stats up to suit your needs. Personally I'm increasing the amount I put into attunement so I have enough FP for 1 Tears of Denial and 1 Lightning Blade and maybe enough to hit 4 Attunement slots. I also went with 40 Faith for Sunlight Spear, but it was honestly a waste of 10 levels. Whenever I get back around to that one NPC I'm gonna be decreasing it to 30.My stats at 100:Vigor: 25(Honestly I haven't felt like I needed any more, but it wouldn't hurt.)Attunement: 19(Gonna be increasing it)Endurance: 20(Gives me enough for 6 hits with my Scythe thanks to the Ring of Favor. Gonna be adding more when I rebuild my character though so I can hopefully take off the RoF.)Vitality: 17(I put too much into it because I wanted to main the Corvian Scythe and have the Great Scythe as a backup when I had too much bleed. Ended up never using my second scythe and replaced it with a lightweight sword as a backup weapon, so I'll be decreasing this)Strength: 18(For the Shield of Want. Personally I prefer the Golden Wing Crest Shield(14 req) now, and the only reason I use Shield of Want is for some extra souls and since I have the 18 Strength already. I'll probably drop it to 14.)Dexterity: 37(Trying to get it to 40)Intelligence: 9Faith: 40(Definitely a waste of a lot of points. I'd say stick with 30, unless you really want to use a miracle that needs a higher faith.)Luck: 7Note: I just tried something out, and apparently you can use Deep Protection(Some extra atk/absorbtion/resist/stamina recovery) and Lightning Blade at the same time so I'm gonna be trying that out. If it works I'll be increasing attunement to get 4 Attunement slots for Tears, L Blade and Deep Protection and then looking around for a better buff spell to use instead of Deep Protection.

              • Anonymous

                So I recently got the game and still learning and have seen several builds that are Dex/faith and I'm looking to do a samurai type chara but what does faith do to help attacking? Is the Dex/faith build for Sam the bleed build? Any help would be nice

                • Anonymous

                  I don't see the point in a faith build based around hand to hand fighting, won't it just be a bad quality build? Really if you're going faith, you should stick it to 60 and throw sunlight spears with morne's ring, sun ring and sage ring.

                  • Anonymous

                    Seems a lot like a build im doing. I'm somewhere in the lvl 40's trying to get my faith to 20 so I can use the lightning spear.

                    • Anonymous

                      We have only 3 slots for spells, no? "Darkmoon Blade or Blessed Weapon (situational)" We can not quickly change the skill without bonfire or something I do not understand? And then act on the situation, if you do not know who will be your opponent?) Or did you mean PVE?

                      • Anonymous

                        I am building this as well, I will help with any troubleshooting as much as possible. As of right now, katana's work well with this build as they have a cheap moveset (pokes and quick steps). I will be using the Uchigatana or Washing Pole (Reach) as they all allow buffs. Honestly I would suggest the Washing Pole, as it keeps the moveset, but has a ridiculously OP reach (Nearly Two Dodgerolls). People are afraid of the low durability, but NOBODY will break the Washing Pole during a duel.

                        • Anonymous

                          "(Probably Canvas Talisman, but needs some test to be sure which is the highest spell buff talisman with 30 faith)"'s Sacred Chime 142 spell buf against 137 Canvas.

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