Blade Dancer
level_icon.jpg 123 Vigor 25 Attunement 25 Endurance 30 Vitality 15
Strength 15 Dexterity 40 Intelligence 30 Faith 20 Luck 7

 Blade Dancer is mostly a aesthetic/thematic PvP/PvE build. Don't expect a lot of minmaxing in here..

  • Build Name: Blade Dancer
  • Build Level: 123
  • Build Focus: PvP/PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Dex
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Will do when it has all the stuff.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

You can either go for the easy wins, buff yourself with the Carthus Beacon, equip the Pontiff's Right Eye and spin2win with the Dancer's Swords. Since the hits will be many, the effects of the ring and Beacon will stack, increasing the damage output of the weapon art, making an even more powerful spin2win. Baiting opponents always works. Otherwise, just hit them with L1 and chase them down when they roll away.

The other swords you can equip in the left hand, as both have a parry L2. If you get tired of the Dancer's Swords, which could happen, the Pontiff Knight Curved Sword is pretty good at baiting other players with it's weapon art. You could, of course, play "fair" and use Falchion. If so, use buffs. Those are still "honorable", and Falchion, by itself, is a pretty reliable 1v1 sword.

In case you're gonna use this for PvE, swap the Dancer's Swords for the Falchion. Pontiff's is still pretty good at crowd control, but Dancer's don't have enough length to reliably hit many enemies. Not before any of them stuns you out of the weapon art. Falchion is fairly reliable for dealing with one enemy, however. As it has higher physical than both Dancer's and Pontiff's.

Will be pics maybe. I'll need to get to the point I was before I lost this build's savefile.

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