Knight's Crossbow

40 physical_defense-shield-icon.jpg -
40 lightning_defense-shield-icon.jpg -
100 icon-wp_stability.png -
icon_weight.png 4.0
Requirements & Bonus
- - - -
12 8 - -
weapon_type-icon.jpg Crossbows damage_type-icon.jpg None
skill-icon.jpg Tackle icon_fp_cost.png 7 (-/-)

Knight's Crossbow is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.


Crossbow used by the proud knights of Lothric. It bears an elaborate gold design.

The crossbow has been blessed with the power of lightning, in anticipation of the use of Lightning Bolts.

Skill: Tackle
Lunge into a shoulder tackle, pushing back enemies to create distance.

Notes and Tips:

  • Cannot be Infused or Buffed.
  • Reinforced with Titanite.
  • Best used in combination with Lightning Bolts.
  • Can be sold to Shrine Handmaid for 500 souls, granting decent additional earning if obtained during souls farming.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

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Their Prince Lothric may have been based on Berserk's Griffith Griffith Being Carried likely also the inspiration for Dark Sun Gwyndolin. (read article)

Knight's Crossbow Upgrade Table

  Attack ValuesBonus Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Intelligence Bonus
Faith Bonus
Regular 40 - - 40 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +1 50 - - 50 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +2 60 - - 60   - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +3 70 - - 70 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +4 80 - - 80 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +5 90 - - 90 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +6 100 - - 100 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +7 110 - - 110 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +8 120 - - 120 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +9 130 - - 130 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Regular +10 140 - - 140 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Table Key


Requirement Parameter Bonus Attack Values Damage Reduction % Auxiliary Effects Others
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-wp_physicalAttack.png Physical  Physical icon-wp_bleed.png Bleeding  Durability
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-magicbonus.png Magic  Magic icon-wp_poisonbld.png Poison


icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-firebonus.png Fire  Fire Frost Frost  
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-lightningbonus.png Lightning  Lightning  Curse  
    icon-darkbonus.png Dark  Dark    
    Critical Critical
    Spell Buff Spell Buff

Parameter Bonus: Strength, Dexterity,Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark bonuses - The scaling multiplier applied to the [Attack: stat]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E.The higher the player's [Str, Dex, Mag, Fire, Light] stat, the higher the [Attack Bonus: Stat] is (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Attack: Stat].This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X". 
Durability: The weapon's HP, when the durability hits 0, the effectiveness of its attacks become weakened to the point of almost uselessness. When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" at this point the weapon does not perform at it's best.
Weight: How much the item weights when equipped. 
Stability: How well the player keeps stance after being hit
Attack Type: Defines what kind of swing set the weapon has: Regular(R), Thrust(T), Slash(Sl), Strike(St)

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    • Anonymous

      I have a strong fondness for this crossbow. During my 1st Dark Souls 3 run, I put this in my left hand and pulled it out for many situations. It proved too useful through the entire run and provided decent damage throughout the run. Paired with lightning bolts, it provides good damage, especially in areas with water (Farron) and especially against enemies that are weak to lightning. In PVP, crossbows are invaluable as they can punish alot of whiffed attacks by opponents. Most crossbows are comparatively similar, but the design and feel of this one makes it my personal favorite. Maybe just nostalgia, but I would recommend anyone to use this for any run, it's a classic.


      • Anonymous

        29 Dec 2022- this crossbow seems to be fixed, its great with normal bolts too and super with lighting bolts for dragon kills.

        • Anonymous

          "Hey, dueling opponent, just letting you know that I'm using Knight's crossbow, so you don't have to be worried about explosive bolts"

          • Anonymous

            Ffs how is that "lore" at all relevant? Whoever is adding these irrelevant posts here shouldn't be allowed to post anymore

            • Anonymous

              Makes me annoyed this this thing is only useful with lightning bolts and the lightning bolts are only useful for this

              • Anonymous

                Pure faith build with base stats to use the Saint’s Bident with a lightning infusion (Not gonna get straight sworded into oblivion reapplying my buff mid fight, hate all you want), this made an unexpectedly reliable sidearm. It’s surprising how many people will face tank two bolts from this before thinking to dodge. Sure, it lacks scaling, but on my super low str-dex build, and the ability to pre-load shots, it gives me what I need between my miracles and my bident to vex invaders.

                • Anonymous

                  A lesser known aspect of Dark Souls is that elemental ranged weapons will never do their elemental damage unless you are able to equip arrows/bolts that are that element.

                  • Anonymous

                    It does decent damage when used with lightning bolt (150-200) and it really screws up your opponent's rhythm. Also great when you are against people who use heavy weapon + parry offhand. Shoot them bolts on their parrying faces Obviously, bows are the better choice in PVE if you have the stats for them since crossbows have 0 scaling.

                    • Anonymous

                      I love Crossbow, and was so thrilled when my lowbie Paladin build found this one. I felt so sad by how little damage this thing puts out. with wood bolts its only doing about 40 damage (I think its only at +2 at the moment) which is awful!Also noticed you can only carry about 198 bolts now (think 99 twice, You carry 99 bolts and put 99 in storage) Which if you are playing some form of Crossbowman character, You are going to be shooting a TON of bolts.(a silly thing I liked doing in 2 that I now can't seem to repeat as easily in this game) I know DLC will be a while from now but I do hope they put out some with unique skills...I don't think Shoving is going to be that good to waste FP on...cause isn't that the same thing as kicking? (attck+forward right?) I think you could still kick with a crossbow right? I'll need to check this.

                      • Anonymous

                        problem is buying a lighting bolt costs 300 per bolt to unlock it's true potential, with regualr bolts the lighting damage seem all but non-existent with damage comperison it is lower than the arbelist even though you use the same bolts key difference here is weight, this is 4, arbelist is 6, this has a slightly faster reload time but it's only useful with lighting bolts in short, a very novelty crossbow, but if you have the weight get the arbelist instead, arb got 50 range also, while this has the same range as the light crossbow

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm actually having trouble figuring out how to get the crossbow to shoot lightning bolts if anyone could help me out

                          • Anonymous

                            Just got this bow but it won't fire normal bolts; can anyone confirm that it only works with lightning bolts?

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