Heretic's Staff

63 physical_defense-shield-icon.jpg 30.0
- lightning_defense-shield-icon.jpg 10.0
100 icon-wp_stability.png 15
icon_weight.png 3.0
Requirements & Bonus
D - B -
weapon_type-icon.jpg Staves damage_type-icon.jpg Strike
skill-icon.jpg Steady Chant icon_fp_cost.png 7

Heretic's Staff is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.

Catalyst used by generations of heretic sorcerers.

Sorcery is a logical academic discipline, and the power of sorceries depends heavily on the caster's intelligence.

Skill: Steady Chant
Boost the strength of sorceries for a very short period. Works while equipped in either hand.


Notes and Tips:

  • Cannot be Infused or Buffed.
  • Reinforced with Titanite.
  • At 60 INT and +10 it has a spellbuff of 220.
  • Has the highest spellbuff of all staves between 35 INT and 43 INT.
  • The Sorcerer's Staff is better above 45 INT, and better below 33 INT. See here  for further data.
  • The design is reminiscent of Beatrice's Staff from Dark Souls 1.
  • Being longer than the Sorcerer's staff, Farron's Flashsword and Soul Greatsword have far greater range when cast with this staff while its spellbuff is only a tiny bit lower. 
  • This staff has a much higher stamina cost per cast than other similarly strong staves.


Location/Where to Find


Youtube Moveset and Location Videos:

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  • ??


Heretic's Staff Upgrade Table

Requires 1116 souls and 12x Titanite Shards to +3; 1674 souls and 12x Large Titanite Shard to +6; 2232 souls and 12x Titanite Chunk to +9 ; 930 souls and 1x Titanite Slab to +10

  Attack ValuesBonus Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Intelligence Bonus
Faith Bonus
Regular 63 - - - - D - B - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +1 71 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +2 79 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +3 86 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +4 94 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +5 102 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +6 110 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +7 118 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +8 126 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +9 134 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20
Regular +10 142 - - - - D - A - - - - 35 25 10 10 20


Table Key


Requirement Parameter Bonus Attack Values Damage Reduction % Auxiliary Effects Others
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-wp_physicalAttack.png Physical  Physical icon-wp_bleed.png Bleeding  Durability
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-magicbonus.png Magic  Magic icon-wp_poisonbld.png Poison


icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-firebonus.png Fire  Fire Frost Frost  
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-lightningbonus.png Lightning  Lightning  Curse  
    icon-darkbonus.png Dark  Dark    
    Critical Critical
    Spell Buff Spell Buff

Parameter Bonus: Strength, Dexterity,Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark bonuses - The scaling multiplier applied to the [Attack: stat]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E.The higher the player's [Str, Dex, Mag, Fire, Light] stat, the higher the [Attack Bonus: Stat] is (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Attack: Stat].This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X". 
Durability: The weapon's HP, when the durability hits 0, the effectiveness of its attacks become weakened to the point of almost uselessness. When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" at this point the weapon does not perform at it's best.
Weight: How much the item weights when equipped. 
Stability: How well the player keeps stance after being hit
Attack Type: Defines what kind of swing set the weapon has: Regular(R), Thrust(T), Slash(Sl), Strike(St)




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    • Anonymous

      Dude.. this staff on the staves page shows 120 buff, here it shows 113.... This wiki I tell ya. Can't trust any info you see without double, triple, quadruple, centuple check, and then still only in the game screen you'll see it right

      • Anonymous

        The info is wrong, I'm at 22 Int, and this has a spell buff of 120 at +2, and my sorcerer's staff at +2 is 110. This isn't a display error as the spells cast with the heretic staff do more damage.

        • Anonymous

          Been looking at staves to see which one I should chose on my character, and all the spell buffs are wrong. All the ones I have atm have much more spell buff than stated on the wiki. And these are all upgraded! Was there an update buffing spell buff and this wiki wasn’t updated, like, ever?

          • someone should seriously edit this. sorcerers only overtakes heretics for like 4 levels before this thing retakes the top spot all the way up to the point that CSS replaces it.

            • Anonymous

              So for the deepest lore; This means Beatrice was a heretic? But she was trying to fight the abyss? Also there was an unused child model of Beatrice slightly linking her to Berserk's Schirke who is an angel. Hmm.... Hmmmmmmm..........

              • Anonymous

                Meeting the str requirements does not affect spellbuff. It allows the use of the steady chant and removes the negative dmg scaling on the staffs physical attack. Note you can instantly meet the requirements by 2 handing!

                • Anonymous

                  At 40 int this staff has more spellbuff than sorcerers staff (which is supposed to be better from +30 int)
                  heretic +4 = 174sb
                  sorcerer +5 = 169sb

                  • Anonymous

                    This staff is underrated for Assassin and other hybrid builds. I personally use a 40/40 Dex/Int build, and this staff gets me more damage at those stats than Court Sorcerer’s. Why, I don’t know, it just does.

                    This staff I find particularly useful for one who favors Thrusting Swords or Spears. The length of the staff extends the range of Farron Flashsword to an impressive distance with straight sword-like speed, granting a very cheap-to-cast crowd control option when your main weapon doesn’t.

                    • Anonymous

                      Heretic staff is best at lower int. It caps at around 30 int or something like that. Then the sorcerers staff would be best until 50 int. I'm only concluding what i read. Can someone confirm this?

                      • Anonymous

                        Even if you go to 60 INT USE THIS STAFF over the court sorcerer. at 50 int the damage is almost identical and at 60 the heretics does about 40 less damage than court sorcerers on high damage spells and 20 less damage on weaker spells. The less damage is TOTALLY worth the extra range on farron flashsword, ESPECIALLY if you are a pure caster. With heretics you can outrange any weapon with farron flashsword, and it hits behind you almost completely (unlike court sorcerers) Only use court sorcerers if you plan on not using farron flashsword.

                        • Anonymous

                          I frequently use the Farron Flashsword and Soul GS, and am /pretty/ sure this gives them the longest amount of reach. Can someone confirm/deny?

                          • Anonymous

                            For some reason on my xbox one game the heretic's staff spell buf is 60, not 120. any idea why this might happen?

                            • Anonymous

                              At 42 intelligence, Heretics +3 has 173 spell buff while Sorcerer's +4 has 174. Next upgrades take spell buff to 178 and 175 respectively. It'll be worth checking, but it might be the case that the Sorcerer's staff starts with a higher spell buff stat but gets overtaken by Heretics with enough upgrades. Granted, hardly enough to really matter, seeing the staffs you get later on, but you might save some resources by rushing this one instead of upgrading your starting staff.

                              • Anonymous

                                the spell buff stops going up at +9.thats when to switch to court sorcerers staff.hitting 840 without steady chant with crystal soul spear with crown of dusk, magic clutch,bellowing dragon crest,sages,and ring of steel protection.

                                • Anonymous

                                  It's the rogue witch Beatrice's staff from Dark Souls.'s+Catalyst

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Got this and it has 118 spell buff. Tested and spells cast with this (no chant) did more damage than sorc staff+1/storyteller's staff+1.Spell buff goes to 119, 121, 122 for +1/+2/+3

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is the correct staff to use until you can pump your INT very very high. At 40 INT and upgrading this +6 through +10 (possibly at lower levels too) this staff will out damage other ones. At high INT you probably want to switch over to Crystal Sages or Court Sorcerer's. If you pump FAITH high enough as well, Izalith Staff could be a contender.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        60 on Spell Buff is Wrong, i play with this staff on the German Version and IG Descriptiion says 110 Spell Buff at Lvl 0 and also my test shown that this Staff deals more DMG than the Sorcerer Start Staff at lvl 1 also his Spell Buff is increased by Upgrade the Staff with Titanite.

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