Insidious Knight
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 130 40 (35)   10 38 (33)  38 (33) 
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 40 40  11 





Not all knights follow the path of honor and righteousness, landowners and patrons of the royal bourgeoisie, some, often after losing honors, lands and respect, decide to don't stay on the right path, but to persecute those they think are responsible for their fall for revenge, but when that is no longer satisfactory, they pour all their hatred on anyone, whoever it is.
These "fallen knights" are often associated with criminals or murderers, without anyone wondering what their true intentions are and why they do so, so the population simply hate them and the nobles banish them from their cities, to the point to put bounties on their heads, but this does nothing but feed the resentment that this knights already have.
They doesn't know the magic, nor are they attracted to it, doesn't consider it a fighting art, and treat the spellcasters like cowards who don't know how to wield a sword and take refuge behind circus tricks.
Even after death, their hate continues to grow, pouring on any living or unliving being, giving rise to so-called "insidious knights", who use any means at their disposal to bring suffering to others: poisoned blades, stealthy assaults, intrusions in the duels, etc.



Build Equipment



Just a simple quality build with the poison benefits. Preferible for 1v1, but can also work 1vmore if skilled.
This build was made to invade, sneakily approach your victim, prepare ambush and assault him when he is busy against his enemies. It also works well in 1v1 duels, but if you want to duel using this build, you have to change the dragoncrest slumber ring, because it's totally useless if the enemy can see you...



Start a fight with the poisoned Ghru Dagger, use the quick steps to evade enemy's attacks and spam 2/3 hits until he is poisoned. After that, switch weapon and give him no break. Use both weapons with two hands.


PvP Tactics

There are two ways to use this build:

  1. The first is simply invade another world as a dark/mad spirit, and the best thing you can do is: wait hidden, let him pas, follow his movements and when he start the fight, charge and poison him then throw the charm and decide if you want to finish him yourself or let the monster and the poison do the job.
  2. The second is the classical "Fake sunbro noob killer". In this case, your victim summon you, thinking you are a sunbro phantom who want to help him and instead the only help he get is just a poison knife into his... we understood.
  This is what you need  
warrior_of_sunlight Red_sign_soasptone untrue_white_ring
Warrior of the sunlight Red Sign Soapstone Untrue White Ring (instead of Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring)

Just pledge the Warrior of the Sunlight, place the sign and wait to be summoned.

     "Sunlight Warriors will appear as a red phantom with an orange aura. Their signs will also have a bright orange aura. However, the sign itself remains clearly red, and can      only be confused for a white Sunlight Warrior at a distance."

              Cit. Dark Souls III wiki "Red Sign Soapstone"


Keep at least two (during invade is one) blue estus (13/2) to continue to spam the quick steps.
Whether you want to invade directly or use the "fake sunbro" tactic, the best places to make the most of this build are Archdragon Peak and The Ringed City (map1), which it's possible to exploit the strength and insistence of the enemies (archdragon peak) and the evocation of the orange archers evoked continuously (the ringed city).

You can try to make a low-levelled version of this build at your own risks


Good Hunting!


P.s. Yes, i used the purple colour because it's remember the poison... uuhh!


 ( I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, I am not a native speaker and I did my best. Thanks.)


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