The Dragon Mage
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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: The Dragon Mage
  • Build Level: 140
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: INT
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator
  • Build video:


Build Equipment


Right Hand

Immolation Tinder


Works both as a halbert and a staff.
For a weapon that also works as a staff it has pretty good damage (reaching a total of 551 AR), and high spell buff (220).


Left Hand:


Caitha's Chime Dragonhead Shield
caithas_chime-icon dragonhead_shield
I only use it to cast Tears of Denial, so any miracle catalyst would work, but caitha's chime has the highest spell buff at 15 Faith and 60 int.

I use it's weapon art to combo with the Immolation's light attack. As long as you have stamina, you can keep the Immolation light attack > Shield WA on repeat, as long as you want, and the enemy will not be able to strike back - although it does consume stamina kind of fast.


NOTE: I choose this equipment due to look's rather than perfomance - except the Crown of  Dusk, which increases Magic Damage


  • Rings:
Sage Ring +2 Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Prisoner's Chain Young Dragon Ring
 sage_ring-icon  bellowing_dragoncrest_ring-icon  prisoners_chain-icon  young_dragon_ring-icon

 Faster cast:

+40 Virtual Dexterity
10 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap

 Boosts Sorceries damage by 20%  Add +5 VGR, END and VIT

Boosts Sorceries damage by 12%


Build Strategy

Best way to see it, is to watch the build video:


A few tips:

1. Always try to cast Homing Crystal Soulmass looking away from the enemy to avoid having them go straight after them, making it easy to dodge. When you see that you're enemy is still or getting close, lock on to him or simply turn around to hit him. 

2. The best way to get a Crystal Soul Spear (CSS) or Great Heavy Soul Arrow (GHSA) hit, is to first cast Homing Crystal Soulmass a few times looking away from the enemy, and then start to cast CSS or GHSA looking away and at the last minute turn around. The enemy will think you're casting Soulmass and will probably charge at you on a straight line.

3. Dragonhead Shield Weapon Art + Immolation's light attack and repeat combo. You can choose to start the combo by using the shield WA, in order to avoid parries. 

Again, this is all shown in the build video.

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    • Anonymous

      Wheres the levels? I see everything about the build execpt what levels ur stats were, only that you were 140

      • Anonymous

        If this is a dragon mage, I (Personally) think you should add dragon torso and head stone to replace the armor. Or maybe the twinkling torso and head stone. Because of the light weight of the stones, you should be able to roll farther and maintain more distance between you and your opponent for casting.

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