level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 117  21  40  15  7
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 12  8  45  45  13


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

The theurgist is essentially a build that combines sorcery with divine magic. The build itself will rely heavily upon the crystal chime to be its defining weapon against tough enemies and bosses, but will still use a weapon to help conserve FP. Since the Crystal Chime is a late game item that you do not get until the Grand Archives, you will have to rely on your weapon and switching between the priest chime and sorcerer's staff to cast your spells. If you can get someone to trade the chime with you early on then this build can be put to use much earlier.

In terms of the stats, Vigor will be important as you do not want to be too squishy especially against later bosses. I was able to get by with 12 vigor, but only because of a lot of co-op play with others. By the late game, I had increased my vigor to 21 and this gives you enough health to take 2-4 hits from most strong enemies and more from weaker ones in the game. Attunement should be 40 so you can have enough FP to rely on casting and have six spell slots, but this varies depending on your playstyle. Most players feel fine with 25 or 30 Attunement, but I prefer 40 for six spell slots, so Attunement could be anywhere from 25-40. Endurance should be raised to 15 and left at that number. It will give you enough endurance to cast spells, sprint, dodge, and get about 4 swings in from your weapon. Vitality increases your physical defense and should be ignored as you will be mainly dodging or blocking attacks and if you are co-oping your allies can draw some aggro for you to cast spells or back attack. Dexterity also should be ignored and while spellcasting speed is important, I found that the sage ring speeds up spellcasting enough for my needs. Faith will be one of your primary stats and should be 45 or higher. Intelligence is the same as Faith and must be kept equal to it. Luck can be ignored, but it is your preference if you wish to raise it.

For spells, the soul arrow variants will be one of your primary attack spells especially once you get Great Heavy Soul Arrow. Great Lightning Spear will also be your primary attack spells against enemies weak to lightning or strong against magic. Ignore regular lightning spear as it only does good damage at point blank range and sunlight spear has a high FP cost so use at your discretion. The Heal spell variants should be kept slotted since you will be relying on Ashen Flask for SP rather than Estus Flask for HP. The remaining two or three slots depends on your needs at the time. Tears of Denial takes up two slots and will revive you if you should die and can be useful. Homing SoulMass is another decent spell if you plan to go into melee, but is a shadow of its former glory from Demons Souls.  The Spook and Hidden Body spells are very useful for solo play since it can allow you to sneak attack most enemies in the game besides bosses and dogs. The only pyromancy spell worth using is Great Chaos Fire Orb and should be used against certain bosses like Deacons of the Deep or High Lord Wolnir who are weak to fire.

For rings, you will be using miracle and sorcery boosting rings and occasionally pyromancy rings when the situation calls for it. The sage ring should be worn at all times and the lingering dragoncrest ring will extend the duration of spells such as hidden body and spook, but can be swapped out for another ring.

For weapons, this will be your choice but I stuck with the mace since it is a good balanced weapon. Infuse it with either crystal, lightning, simple, or blessed gems and you will do just as much damage with it as you do with your spells. You should have 3 types to adjust for situations where enemies are resistant to a particular element. The Crystal Chime will be this builds defining weapon that makes it unique. It will allow you to use both miracles and sorceries without swapping between spell tools. You should definitely reinforce this to +5. From my estimation, it similar to the Talisman of Beasts from Demons Souls and thus keeping Intelligence and Faith equal will give your spells the best damage. 45 is the soft cap, but you can go as high as 50.

For shields, you can use whatever you desire but I like to use the blue wooden shield or the silver eagle kite shield. Infuse them with a simple gem to give you a small FP regen.

For armor, you can actually wear whatever but I like the Archdeacon outfit since it gives the best curse resistant in the game to my knowledge, decent spell resistance, and it looks fashionable and holy for a theurgist!

 In the beginning you will rely on your mace or whatever weapon you can wield for 12 strength or less, heal, and soul arrow once you buy it. You will have to swap between the priest chime and the sorcerer staff as the situation calls for unless you can co-op with someone who can trade you the chime early on.

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