Build Name
level_icon.jpg  Vigor  Attunement Endurance Vitality
 100  27 50  26  8
Strength  Dexterity  Intelligence  Faith  Luck
 12  9  25  14  7

A Pure Pyromancy Build

  • Build Level: 100
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats: Intelligence and Faith


Build Equipment



Make sure to dodge a lot and try to judge your opponents style and play around that. Keep at a distance and always be on the offensive by casting Chaos Orbs, Vestges, and Great Combustions. Use a Profaned Flame or Firestorm to knock down targets and set up for more combos. Fire Surge is there to just ping an opponent whose just circling around. Good Luck

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    • Anonymous

      I found it easier to not invest in endurance at all I’d recommend putting the rest into INT/FTH preferably 35/35, and if you’re playing fresh invest in INT/FTH first and worry about vigor later

      • Anonymous

        That's just too much. Better served saving those 20 pets and dropping that down to 30.What to do with those 20pts? Put 16 of them in faith and four in INT. Then take one point from END and put it in INT. That'll put you at 30/30 FTH/INT.

        • Anonymous

          I've been pvping with this build on my pyromancer for a couple of days now and I must say it is very fun and challenging at the same time.I've found myself to not need that many spell slots since I'm mostly using Sacred flame, GCFb, Vestige and Iron flesh so I removed 10 points in attunement and split them evenly between faith/int.Iron flesh is a good pyromancy to use, the slow speed and fat dodge might be a harsh price but since you can use the Thrall axe's quickstep normally through Iron flesh I feel like it's worth it. Most lighter weapons (Estoc) will bounce off of you, and since you will poise through ANY weapon you can trade a hit on you with a sacred flame if you time it correctly. I found the Iron flesh + Sacred flame combo to be very effective against most players I've faced. A lot of them assume you're just slow walking towards them to look cool and don't expect you to grab them through their attack

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