Yuria's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Yuria's Ashes

Umbral ash of Yuria of Londor. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

Having three founders of the Black Church ensured Yuria's legacy would survive. Her two sisters could carry the torch, making certain their lord claims the flame, for the sake of all Hollows.


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    • Anonymous

      07 Jun 2017 14:14  

      So if i want two dark hands i can buy one from yuria and then kill her, give her ashes to the handmaid and buy the second one from her?

      • Anonymous

        09 Jan 2017 04:30  

        Can you keep this after starting a ng+? I'm trying to avoid getting yoel in the shrine at all to avoid the dead body and all that. Poison knives and purging stone would be nice to have as an option.

        • Anonymous

          06 Jan 2017 17:39  

          I've turned in Yuria's ashes. The handmaiden is sellling all the items except for the untrue dark and untrue white rings. Any idea should on why? Or is my game just bugged?

          • A way to make Yuria disappear and leave her stuff.18 May 2016 20:46  

            My thought on solving this common problem is the following: as with Pyromancer back at Old King boss (she dropped Cornyx set afterwards, in Undead Settlement) Yuria needs to survive the fight to drop her items at allocated place in Firelink Shrine after the final boss (do not choose to start NG+ right away, though). Mine died fighting. No ashes. So, presumably, her survival would provide them? Needs testing, but most likely this is how it actually goes.

            • Anonymous

              Yuria never appear24 Apr 2016 02:07  

              any way to make appear yuria, if i dont follow the yoel quest line and its already death? or another way to get Londor Braille divine tome

              • Anonymous

                Beat the game and Yuria is gone pt. 222 Apr 2016 16:05  

                So I spoke to two of my friends who got the same ending and Yuria did not leave in either of their games. I did talk to her and every other npc almost constantly. Perhaps I triggered something they didn't or the questline is kind of buggy and inconsistent at the moment. Anyone else have Yuria leave after you beat the game?

                • Anonymous

                  Beat the game and Yuria is gone.22 Apr 2016 15:40  

                  So I beat the game last night and got the usurpation of fire ending and when I go back to Firelink Yuria is gone and a her weapon and armor are sitting where she used to hang out but no ashes. Friend of mine beat the game yesterday as well with the same ending but Yuria was alive. He killed her but I haven't asked him if he received her ashes. Will ask today and post my findings.

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