Hollow's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Hollow's Ashes

Umbral ash of a Hollow who faithfully served a woman, only to become separated from her. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

It takes but a brief glance at this thing to easily envision Londor, the foreboding land of Hollows.


Hollow's Ashes Usage



Hollow's Ashes Location

  • Found in Untended Graves, on a corpse occupying what would be Yoel of Londor's spot in the dark Firelink Shrine.
    • Spawns if Yoel of Londor is killed or dies before "Drawing out True Strength" five times. This can happen in three ways:
      • By giving the Fire Keeper Soul to the Firelink Shrine Fire Keeper and curing the curse.
      • By defeating the Abyss Watchers without 5 Dark Sigils in your inventory.
      • By killing Yoel without 5 Dark Sigils in your inventory.
    • Also spawns if Yuria's services become unavailable to the player in any way, such as by killing Anri.




  • Shrine Handmaid offers the following new items for sale after turning in ashes: Purging Stone (3,000 souls, unlimited quantity); Posion Throwing Knifes (120 souls, unlimited quantity); Ring of Sacrifice (5,000 souls x3).
  • These ashes will indeed spawn if the player simply misses Yoel, or never recruits him to Firelink Shrine.




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    • Anonymous

      29 Nov 2019 04:44  

      I never knew!!!! I thought there was no way to buy these poison knives after NG+ because I wanted to stay at SL100 :'( And i played thousands of hours!

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2019 23:55  

        Evidence that the Untended Graves is a possible future. Not only do the ashes appear in the same spot that Yoel dies, but only drops in accordance to actions taken or not taken in the present. Gundyr is an undead and many of us undead have a habit of coming back after being killed. Ludleth talking about the eyes in the past sense is because the eyes discovered belonged to the First Fire Keeper, whom he likely met the last time he was a Lord of Cinder. The eyes themselves seem to have transformed into an artifact that never dies or breaks and can be used by any Fire Keeper. So Ludleth could have also be referring to another Fire Keeper that found and used the eyes to describe the betrayal in detail to Ludleth. The only anomaly is the Shrine Maiden. But simply being there, alive and in good physical and mental health implies that she’s no ordinary undead of whom the concept of time probably has no power over her.

        • Anonymous

          01 Jan 2018 21:33  

          I killed yoel in the fireshrine and never draw level up but the ash in the handmaid sells only few Sorceries without the poison knife or purging stone

          • 05 Apr 2017 02:26  

            *Sigh* Anyone know if theres some way to get these or Yuria's ashes to show up after completing the hollow ending (summoned yuria and she did not die).

            Really not thrilled about being unable to buy purging/knives till NG+ :((

            • Anonymous

              17 Jan 2017 08:43  

              I got the ashes after i got my 5 sigils from his corpse. I didnt do anything wrong, im still doing his quest. I havent cured my hollowing once. Yet somehow i got his ashes a long time ago. Weird.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jan 2017 04:27  

                Does this drop if you never talk to him to send him to the shrine? I'm trying to avoid having a dead body in my last play-through but I do want as many consumable items as possible.

                • Anonymous

                  Yole dissapeared21 Sep 2016 16:55  

                  So i started ng++++ killed all bosses i could up until abys watchers including crystal sage, dancer, oceiros and champion gundyr. Got up to farron keep perimiter bonfire, warped to firelink and Yole was gone. So i went to the undead settlement, he wasnt there either. Went to untended graves shrine and found hollow's ashes. Wtf?

                  • Can anyone confirm this?31 Aug 2016 20:13  

                    "It's possible to get the ashes after progressing Yoel's quest line, however you must cause Yuria to leave Firelink shrine. Curing the Dark Sigil will cause this."Can anyone confirm that killing Yuria or curing the curse will cause the Hollow's Ashes to spawn? This comes from the "Hollow Ashes" page on this wiki, which seriously needs to be deleted, as it's redundant after this one.

                    • "Natural Causes"? What did that even mean?31 Aug 2016 20:11  

                      Clarified this article to correctly point to Untended Graves, and added the conditions necessary to get these ashes to spawn.The page previously had taken its content from the wikidot wiki, and kept it's strange wording, saying that these ashes would only spawn if Yoel died of "Natural Causes". Well, since murdering him (before getting 5 Dark Sigils) does INDEED cause the ashes to spawn, I beg to differ.

                      • Anonymous

                        It's not the standard firelink.24 Aug 2016 21:30  

                        It's not in the firelink shrine, its in the DARK firelink shrine. So go to the unintended graves, find the dark shrine and voila.

                        • Anonymous

                          Wiki is straight up wrong.06 Jul 2016 02:42  

                          Killed Yoel, did not get ashes. Completely contrary to "Obtained from Yoel of Londor upon killing him."Thanks

                          • Anonymous

                            Wiki is wrong28 Jun 2016 23:53  

                            How I did it, I didn't even talk to Yoel, went to dark Firelink, the ashes were there, this is just what I did, wiki makers triple check your information

                            • ashes not appears in dark firelink15 Jun 2016 19:24  

                              so I kill the Abyss Watchers, got 5 sigils - Yuria came - then proceed to the Catacombs, reached Dark Firelink, but there was no Hollow's Asheswhere could be the problem?

                              • Anonymous

                                Strange..08 Jun 2016 07:19  

                                I'm my third playthrough of NG, Yoel died of natural causes and Yuria took his place. These ashes are not appearing In the spot where they are supposed to be.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Does not drop from Yoel if killed29 May 2016 23:26  

                                  Just tested in my own game, now have to wait till Profaned Capital to cure hollowing

                                  • Anonymous

                                    important note25 May 2016 22:52  

                                    In my game, Yoel died of natural causes. After that, and before I got to Untended Graves, I angered Yuria by hitting her so that I could be invaded by the Pale Shade to get her set, and then made peace by asking forgiveness at Velka's. Her questline is intact, but the ashes didn't appear.

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