Wolf's Blood Swordgrass is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Wolf's Blood Swordgrass

A leaf signifying duty fulfilled by the Watchdogs of Farron, who stand beside the old wolf to ensure serenity to those at rest. Depicts a swordgrass leaf stained with dried blood.

Long ago, the swordgrass leaf quietly identified members of the Undead Legion. In the rotted forest rest the spirits of warriors past, their acceptance and gratitude toward their guardians is expressed eloquently by the humble leaf.


Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Usage



Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Locations

  • One blade of grass is obtained after each successful defeat of a trespasser of Farron Swamp, obtained while in the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant
  • From the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire, go down the ladder and head right. It'll be in a corner near the Estus Soup.
  • Dropped from all types of Ghru as a rare drop.


  • It is highly recommended yo increase your Item Discovery stat before farming. Equipping the Symbol of Avarice (+100), Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (+50), Crystal Sage's Rapier (+50), and using Rusted Coins (+50) will boost Item Discovery by 250 points (315 with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3, which can be obtained in NG in The Ringed City). Items will drop approximately 2.5/3.15 times more often, reducing farming time by around 60-70%.
  • Increasing Luck also increases Item Discovery by one point per level.
  • The Crystal Sage's Rapier will still give its boost while sheathed on the player's back and without having the required stats to wield it.
  • One good place to farm is to kill the three Ghrus on the bridge near the Keep Ruins bonfire. There are several methods proposed by the community to efficiently farm them.
    • Pyromancy: Chaos Fireball can apparently be used to one-shot all three Ghrus. Use Hidden Body to avoid detection.
    • Sorcery: You need to be able to use (Crystal) Soul Spear to one-shot a Ghru. When farming, position yourself so that you do not aggro them but can still lock on to the two closest Ghrus. Cast CSS once to kill the closest one, which will also kill the farthest one. Cast CSS to the second one, and RUN to get its loot (if any) before the body falls off the bridge. The effect of one Rusted Coin can last 4 "cycles", meaning you kill 12 Ghrus/minute.
    • Some players have reported that melee approach can also be used to quickly kill all three Ghrus.
  • Another good farming location, which doubles as a Pale Tongue farming location, is the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire.
  • Invading via Red Eye Orb while being in the covenant does not yield Swordgrass. Instead it gives you Pale Tongues.
  • From 195 times farming by keep ruins bonfire, the statistics seem to be 1.68% chance for the poisonbreathing ghrus to drop a swordgrass and 0.92% for the shieldbearing ghrus. The conclusion is that there's 1.2% chance for a swordgrass for every time you kill the three by the keep ruins bonfire.





    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2020 21:22  

      The probability calculations seem to be correct. The odds of you getting *at least* one swordgrass when killing the three ghrus by the keep ruins bonfire is ~3.5%(3.4807661952%), assuming of course that the chances of 1.68% from the caster and 0.92% from the shieldbearing are correct. I noticed this, because it is impossible for the chance to get at least one from the three is less than getting one from just the caster. On average this means you have to farm them ~857 times to get 30 swordgrass for the wolf ring, compared to the 2500 times it would take on average if the 1.2% was correct. So hopefully that made someone's day a little brighter. ^^

      • Anonymous

        12 Dec 2019 14:58  

        It seems like noone here knows how to do probability calculations... say, you go to the bridge and kill the three ghrus. they have a probability of two times p1 and one times p2 (poison mage) The probability to get one drop is NOT the average of the three. Rather you must ask: What is the probability that three times I get no drop. Then take 100% minus that to know what the probability is to get exactly one drop. here's the formula p(onedrop) = 1-(1-p1)*(1-p1)*(1-p2) multiply by 100 to get percentages. In our example: p1 = 0.0092 (0.92%) and p2 = 0.0168 ( 1.68%) That gives p(onedrop) = 3.48%.

        • Anonymous

          27 Oct 2019 18:31  

          Sooooo. Is uh anyone interested in trading 10 of these for 20 ghru spears 25 ghru sword and 30 ghru shields???

          • Anonymous

            15 Oct 2019 10:33  

            So with a luck of 391, I grinded out 20 swordgrass in roughly longer than 30 minutes in the farm spot the wiki mentions! If you have a high-level character don't give up! Grab some luck boosters and good luck to all. :)

            • Anonymous

              02 Jul 2019 00:12  

              I'm currently farming for these using the Keep Ruins bonfire and killing the 3 Ghru's on the bridge. I just got 12 in 1.5 hours. I'm using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+3, Symbol of Avarice, and Rusted Coins bought off of Patches. Don't know if weapon matters, but I'm using Morion Blade+5. I also took off covenant banner, if that helps

              • Anonymous

                18 Jun 2019 22:17  

                I'm really sick from farming this bs.. If any of you has the wolf ring and doesn't need it please drop it for me.. psn mokyaffe

                • Anonymous

                  21 Apr 2019 21:42  

                  3 hours of constant farming from Abyss Walkers bonfire to 2 Darkwraiths got me 31 grasses, and 19 pale tongues.

                  • 02 Apr 2019 13:12  

                    I got this in 3 to 4 hours with 385 item discovery. Very important for melee builds - use the slumbering dragoncrest ring so you don't get detected until attacking the first one. The two shieldbearers have quite long and damaging combos, which in combination with the symbol of avarice and a possible poison effect might kill you, or at the very least slow down your runs. With a sharp murakumo +10 and about 70dex I can kill each in two swings so I just run and kill the first two immediately(with a greatsword they can both be struck at once) leaving the poor remaining shieldbearer to be easily taken 1 on 1.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Mar 2019 20:15  

                      427 discovery, got only 3 grasses in two hours!!!! I can't believe how stupid this rings achievement is!!! I wonder who was the brilliant executive who thought collecting hundreds of rings throughout hundreds of gameplay hours and at least 3 runs of the whole game (being half of the rings exactly the same***** with a bit of an enhanced version), yeah, this must be the most annoying trophy/achievement in the series, got every other trophy but I'm not sure I'm willing to get this one, I've spent about 200 hours collecting the rest of the trophies and got all base rings with one character, but the wolf covenant is so *****ing annoying!!!

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Feb 2019 07:37  

                        Did several runs st SL 112 I had mimic head, 1 sage rapier, 1 gold ring+0 I farmed the dark wraith+ghru spot My run consisted of killing 2 wraiths, 2 dagger ghrus, 1 caster ghru and 2 spear ghrus - it took me about 40-55 secs for a run. I did around 20 runs: a bunch of swords, eyes and armour. 1 heavy gem, 1 poison gem, 8 tongues, 0 swordgrass

                        • 15 Feb 2019 04:22  

                          "It is HIGHLY recommended to have an item discovery stat of at least 350+. " I had over 400 item discovery and farmed the 3 ghrus by farron keep perimeter for about 30 minutes and got maybe 1 of these, but on my other 8 characters, had less item discovery and got 10 in about 5 minutes. Sometimes I think Dark souls hates me a little more every time I play it

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Jan 2019 02:09  

                            i've done the Keep Ruins bonfire 200 times and i got 13 Wolf's Blood Swordgrass so the probability for 278 ID is 6.5% for the team (2.17% for each one)

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Jan 2019 01:14  

                              i've killed the ghrus in Keep Ruins bonfire. i did 100 times or i killed 300 ghrus. i have 278 item discovery so if item discovery page is true, i had 27.8% extra of item discovery. i found 7 Wolf's Blood Swordgrass so the probability of kill the 3 ghrus with 278 ID is 7% (or 2.33% for each one) for 100 ID, probabilities is 2.52% for the group (0.84% for each one) I'll keep testing with 100 times more, the law of big numbers may give me the thuth

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Jan 2019 13:45  

                                Level 24 with +1 weapon highest upgrade nets me roughly 1-2 invasions every 10 minutes (tested around 2 pm european time on sunday). Just like with blue sentinels, you'd do good starting to collect those early and only once you get 30 wolf grass and around 15-20 concords, move on to the next stages of the game.

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