The Dreg Heap is a Location in Dark Souls 3, added with the second DLC, The Ringed City.


The Dreg Heap Walkthrough

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Accessing The Dreg Heap

The Ringed City DLC is accessed by traveling to Kiln of the First Flame, and finding a new bonfire before Soul of Cinder that transports you to the DLC location. There is also a bonfire you can find in the Painted World of Ariandel, in the chapel by Sister Friede.

When you arrive, light the Bonfire, and step through the doorway and head down. To your right you can venture off the steps and make your way around a round rooftop and at the end you will find an Ember x1. Standing on the ledge nearby you will find the Stone-humped Hag who you can speak to and purchase stuff from. You can drop down from this ledge to the lower levels, noticing that falls are a little different here and you can survive larger drops. At the bottom courtyard, you'll encounter a swarm of Murkman foes. Be careful with these as they can gang up on you rather quickly and with some deadly sorcery.  

Head up the steps to the left from where you dropped to come to a level with a Harald Legion soldier who is quite the foe. Stay out of reach of it's melee attacks and attack after it finishes its leap attack. You can use verticality as your ally here, as a well placed drop attack can result in a visceral attack that does a ton of damage to then. 1 or 2 of these types of attacks are usually enough to bring them down. Loot the corpse here for Titanite Chunk x1. Head up the next set of steps to find a corpse with Aquamarine Dagger on it. Make your way back down to the courtyard where you fought the murkmen and proceed forward to see a corpse on a ledge. Walk by it to cause the ledge to collapse and you will fall through a window and into a building. At the bottom you can loot the corpse for Soul of a Weary Warrior x1.

You will find several murkmen in this room, so be wary as you explore. You can loot corpses in here for Titanite Scale x1, Twinkling Titanite x1 and the Murky Hand Scythe. Exit via the hole in the wall and head right. You will now come to a tricky run and hide section where Angels will fire continuous beams at you. This is a timing game and they also can summon a spotlight on you that will inflict Curse on you while you're in it's area. They can be destroyed by finding and killing the long hollows.

When you're ready drop down, and if you're brave you can backtrack to loot a corpse for Divine Blessing. Dash/roll ahead to find cover behind a fallen pillar and heal up if needed. Then dash across behind the building where you will find a corpse with Lightning Urn x4. If you're exceptionally brave, you can circle around to the other side of the building, leaving you exposed to the angel, where you will find a corpse with Ring of Steel Protection +3. Proceed through the doorway and head left to take on an overgrown knight and another he summons. Defeat them and loot the corpse at the altar for a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight x1. Make an about face and exit the doorway to the left and head right up the slope to face some emerging murkmen. Around to the left you can loot a corpse for Rusted Coin x2.

Head  up through the doorway and up the short steps to trigger more murkmen. You can loot a corpse to the left for Titanite Chunk x2. Proceed through the next 2 rooms to find more murkmen and a corpse with Murky Longstaff. Before leaving this room, be sure to tap on the wall to your left when entering. This will open up a staircase leading to another set of rooms containing Great Soul Dregs and a ledge drop off leading to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 on the ledge below. 


Exit this area the way you came and now take the slope straight down. A tower will fall across the expanse here. After the tower falls down, destroying a portion of the chuch with 2 Lothric Knights in it, you can go back in to the church and use the fallen tower as a bridge to find Lapp and begin his questline. When you come to a small clearing an Angel will start firing beams at you. There is a stationary hollow enemy to the left you can kill for a possible Twinkling Titanite. Before dropping down below, and after clearing the Angel spawner (it will not respawn when you die/rest, so you can come back later) head back out to the first cliff edge you met the Angel on and walk along the wooden catwalk, and around the corner to reach the Ring of Steel Protection +3. Continue ahead and drop down the series of platforms to find more murkmen and a Harald soldier. Take the soldier down with patience and then loot the corpse by the pillar for Titanite Chunk x1. Another corpse along a railing will have Homeward Bone x3. Here you willl take a leap of faith and drop off this far ledge.

At the bottom, drop down to the lower level and to the right of the downed towers you will find a Bonfire. If you met Lapp earlier, he will be sitting on the ledge just to the right. Speak to him about the treasure that can be found. To progress his story you'll have to loot the Titanite Slab from the corpse in the cave guarded by a Harald soldier in the next section. If you head to the left of the bonfire you will find some mushrooms and a corpse with Black Firebomb x4. Proceeding ahead of the bonfire be mindful of the Angel on the left. You will have to make your way to the left, towards the angel. If you dash ahead you can find a shack cover to the right. Use the structures in this area to stay in safety. By one of the shack like structures you will find a corpse laying against the wall with Desert Pyromancer Garb.

Head to the right over one of the downed pillars to find a corpse with Titanite Scale x1. You can explore the downed debris here in the pool for a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1 by a mushroom Head right across the clearing to come to a tunnel like shaft. 

A Thrall will be straight ahead to deal with and to your left is a corpse with Ember x1. Proceed forward and drop down to the ground and make your way to the shack ahead and go inside. Take out the mushrooms and loot the corpse here for Purple Moss Clump x4. To the right of the shack you can go up a ledge along a fallen tower to find Desert Pyromancer Gloves but be careful of the Angel bombarding you with beams. To the left of the shack you can proceed through a poison pool beneath a tree root  and hang a right into a tunnel where you will find a Harald soldier and beyond a bunch of mushrooms. Take them out and loot the corpse they were guarding for Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1. Around the bend you will find another Harald legion in the corner. Take it out and loot the corpse for Titanite Slab x1.

Exit the area and head right to run up a giant tree branch and move fast because the Angel is going to be bringing the pain. Drop down to the next branch to the right and take it up and around and head left through the stone path. You can also roll onto the roof of the house to the right, take out the thrall and across the rooftops to take out the hollow which will also take out the Angel. Then you can drop down to the ground level to come to explore the poison pool for it's loot. with a corpse beneath a branch overhang with a Harald Curved Greatsword and a Harald legion soldier lurking. Try and lure it away from the pool. If you go on the overhang and proceed forward you'll come to a thrall and a corpse with Homeward Bone x1 right at the edge of a drop to a poison pool. If you drop down you will find a Loincloth on dry ground by some mushrooms. You can head up one of the large branches coming from the pool to find the Ring of Favor +3 and then drop down on the left branch and take it to the end to find a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1. Drop down and head right and follow the branch network back up where you were until you come to a stone path on the left.

Take out the thrall here and as you advance 2 more thralls and Desert Pyromancer Zoey will ambush you. Take them out and loot Flame Fan from Zoey and loot the corpse on the left wall for Prism Stone x6.

Continue on and find along the last tree on the right, Desert Pyromancer Hood. Head out on the large branch here but be ready for the Angel beams. This is going to be a death run. If you want to avoid this and get to the bonfire, skip to the next paragraph. Dodge the beams of the angel and stay on the branch to the right, using the other branch for cover. When you get to the end jump off to the tower and then drop again through the opening to find a Bonfire. From here you can proceed ahead and drop off the edge to fall way down to take on the Boss of this location.

If you don't want to deal with the branch run to the bonfire, you can make your way back to the main clearing with the Angel. If you choose to head towards the angel and the cliff edge you will come to a narrow path along the cliff you can take down past a thrall and then head right on the ledge to find the Giant Door Shield. This is a treacherous run however with the Angel relentless in its attacks. Make your way back up the narrow path and loot the corpse along the ruins for Titanite Chunk x1. If you're feeling brave you can approach the edge  here and roll down to a branch below. Take it down to a ledge where you will find a hollow you can kill for Twinkling Titanite and a corpse with Ember x1.  Proceed forward up the branch and take it around to a rooftop area. You can loot a corpse on the roof to the left for Divine Blessing x1. From the right of the branch you can climb up a downed tower and proceed forward to take a long drop down to find the  Bonfire referenced in the last paragraph.

Boss Fight: Demon in Pain & Demon From Below

Once defeated, proceed ahead towards the doorway and light the Bonfire to the left of it. Step through the doorway and loot the Small Envoy Banner from the corpse. Continue on and head down the tunnel to come outside. You will be prompted to display the banner. Consent and you'll be whisked away (by guess who) to the next location, The Ringed City.


The Dreg Heap Map


Speedrun Walkthrough

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Additional Info


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    • 14 May 2017 22:58  

      Didn't see it mentioned but you can get rid of the last angel so you don't have to deal with him while making your run to the last bonfire/boss. Right after 2nd bonfire when angel starts firing at you if you look to the shack in the far back to the right you can run there right after the angel kills one of the thralls making a run from the big rock trying to get inside. Just hug the wall of the shack and the roof will barely shield you from being hit and when he turns his attention away you can move up a little look over the ledge and see the hollow you have to kill. Pop a few bolts/arrows or spells in him take cover til angel turns attention away again and repeat til he's dead. Isn't a big deal because it's really not hard to get by that angel to get to bonfire but it is annoying so might be worth it for some considering how irritating the angels can be.

      • 27 Apr 2017 06:30  

        It doesn't mention this area I will describe. past Lapp where you meet him first, where there's a murkman caster on a bridge that you can drop off the left side to do a plunging attack on the herald legion knight, if you instead of going on that bridge, go and fall to the right of it, you wont die. There will be a room with several more murkman, and if you drop off the right side of that there will be an area with a spear lothric knight and a greatsword lothric knight (brutal), and there are some items there that you could see falling to the second bonfire but couldnt get until this alternative area. cant remember what item though! Anyone know?

        • 09 Apr 2017 03:51  

          I can't find any tutorials that show people getting the item on the large branches outside the second bonfire. On my second playthrough of the area and still don't know how to get to it

          • 04 Apr 2017 21:02  

            There's an ember in the corner of the room before the room containing the great soul dregs sorcery is. It's hiding behind some boxes that you can roll through.

            • 03 Apr 2017 03:47  

              I would like to point out something, since I am apparently the only one who noticed and is making a post of it. In this area if you look at the darksun, there seems to be something around its column light underneath it, like little objects not just dust. I have no idea what they are so if some one could just fly out there and take a look that would be great.

              • 02 Apr 2017 18:22  

                So I was there in Dreg Heap for Old Woman's Ashes after beating Gael and was about to leave, when suddenly I heard a strange howl (or more like scream). Didn't pay much attention into it when I was in Dreg Heap for the first time. Can anyone confirm if these screams was there from begining, or appeard after beating the final boss?

                • 02 Apr 2017 17:07  

                  Ok I don't know what is going on here, but there has seem to be alot of invasions in this area.

                  I have cooped from the earthen peak bonfire to the boss I have not encountered the same number of invaders I have encountered from the Dreg Heap bonfire to earthen peak.

                  One of the host I was with used a dried finger, he got invaded none stopped, when one red phantom died, another invades immediately, it was crazy.

                  Also a tip for would be invaders, the angels may not target you, but their projectiles will still hurt you.

                  • 31 Mar 2017 18:10  

                    The treasure related to Lapp is not the ring. It's the titanite slab near the two big guys in the cave by the poisonous swamp. The area with projected heal and the banner weapon is still missing. CHOP CHOP! I don't have time to write it myself, sorry.

                    • 31 Mar 2017 13:28  

                      After i left to level up; Lapp was standing near the 2nd bonfire and gave me the Titanite Slab that is mentioned as loot in this walkthrough. This happened before i reached the actual swamp area. My guess is that the treasure he speaks of is actually the Slab because the Herald legion soldier (or w/e its name) guarding it was actually a corpse (dead)

                      • 31 Mar 2017 04:57  

                        Great Door Shield can be obtained way easier by killing the hollow and angel from within the earthen peak ruins bonfire. I went to the very end of ledge and sniped it with black bow of pharis and feather arrows.

                        • 31 Mar 2017 04:13  

                          Theres an area missing from the list that i do no believe the posters are aware of, After you meet Lap for the first time Proceed to fall down off the ledge right after the magical hollow to an area with 2 more lothric soldiers and some decent loot, 1 being the lothric war banner.

                          • 28 Mar 2017 11:43  

                            I'm sure this has been discovered but I noticed it's not in the walkthrough. After the tower falls near the first Angel corpse, you can return to the room where you fought the two overgrown Knights, and there will be a hole in the wall. You can walk through this hole ave across the fallen tower to find an npc hollow. Can't remember his name. After exhausting his dialogue there he will move to the next bonfire, at the earthen peak rings. Proceeding past him you can drop down another path where you can find another spell that I can't remember the name of and a different ledge to drop down to the earthen peak ruins bonfire.

                            • 28 Mar 2017 10:51  

                              here's an interesting info, at the place where you find the Stone-humped Hag, if you look far away, some buildings are clearly moving, like they have just sank down.

                              • 28 Mar 2017 07:33  

                                Ring of Favor +3 is located on a branch in the middle of the poison swamp area. Best aquired after dropping the angel controlling blob on the roof in the main swamp area.

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