-This is a different and funny way to beat Dark Souls 3


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

The build is based on stealth and status effects/damage over time, It means you wont need high level INT or FAITH neither upgrade your build to do nice damage. This is how it works:
Using  Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring masks your steps and Hidden Body makes you invisible ( both together stack performing your stealth combo), therefore enemies won't see you unless you are right next to them (there are unavoidable enemies, whole bosses and some high vision range enemies like archers which will see you at closer ranges).
[Both effects ring and spell stack]
The key is to keep casting Hidden Body every 14-15 seconds (or you will apear and enemies will aggro you). Thats why we carry so many Ashen Estus Flask
All your spells can damage the enemies without getting aggro, except Dorhy's Gnawing which can help you vs Bosses inmune to poison or  toxic.

As soon as you can get Hidden Body and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, all you need is
Storyteller's Staff the White Hair Talisman and dot spells(damage over time). Check the Dark Souls 3 Calculator link to see which spell fits you best:

Basically the goal of your character is  to beat the whole game without dealing direct damage or casting scaling spells and instead overusing all the utility spells in the game such as Rapport, Twisted wall of light, Force and of course dot spells . Therefore you use the Storyteller's Staff (because the Weapon Art is a better version of Poison Mist which cause tons of damage to large hp enemies and stacks with toxic) and White Wair Talisman (this way you can cast all kind of spell without switching weapons) as your only source.
You can inflict: Poison(from weapon art'staff), Toxic, Frost, and Pestilent Mercury at the same time to a group of enemies WITHOUT EVEN BEING DETECTED!!
[Once you've inflicted one status switch to another spell, but remember to keep casting Hidden Body]
[Don't forget that Snap Freeze wont trigger Frost for a while after you do it once]
Depending the boss fight you may need to use differents spells due to the fact that some bosses are inmune to status effects like poison/ toxic, bleed or frost. However you can always use Pestilent Mercury* because there's no enemy inmune to it.

It is definetly the FUNNIEST BUILD I've ever played in Dark Souls 3 so give it a try and please share your experiences.

I'm sorry for any gramatical errors, I am not native. If you see any errors, please report them, I will appreciate it!

Praise the sun! \[T]/
-I recently discovered that Snap freeze+fire surge its a good non-scaling combo(the fire make the frost to procs up to 3 or 4 times) to kill some frost-weak bosses like Dragonslayer armour. 
* The enemies show strange behavior when facing Pestilent Mercury, sometimes walking into it
The full guide is also in steam:

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    • I created an account here just to coment this. This build was really good on non bosses enemies, i have a lot of good surprises on bosses, until i reached prince lottric. I cant beat him using this build :( i had to use a summon for abyss watchers because of the chaotic fight, Wolnir was a good surprise because he was easier with pestilent mist, sulyvan was impossible, had to call help, yhorm and alrich was a good fight, lotric was the point where i kinda gave up of that build because its very hard late game playing as a magic because enemies has tons of hp and waiting then to die got old. But thank you very much for this build was a unique experience for me

      • Anonymous

        Ton of fun! I’ve been using anris and boosting luck which makes the effect active quicker and if works like a charm! Tons of fun at lvl 80 and no enemy stands a chance.

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