Black Hand Gotthard

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? ?? ??
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Black Hand Gotthard is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Black Hand Gotthard Information

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  • Abyss Watchers: Summon sign is located near the top of the staircase that leads to the boss.
  • Pontiff Sulyvahn: Summon sign is located in front of the entrance to the boss, between the two praying statues.
  • Found dead at the entrance to the Grand Archives, granting you the Grand Archives Key and the Gotthard Twinswords.
    • He is not there at the beginning of the game.
    • His corpse will appear after Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the Giant, and Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, have all been killed and the cutscene turning the sun into an eclipse has taken place. This assures that you cannot proceed into the Grand Archives until the 3 Lords have been defeated.
    • If you've killed the first 3 Lords but his corpse still doesn't appear, try teleporting to the Aldrich, Devourer of Gods bonfire and the cutscene that teleports you to Emma should trigger.




Combat Information

  • Weak to ?? Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: ??
  • Use ?? Item



  • Although he can be led to the Crystal Sage, he cannot enter the arena.
  • The body has the sheath of Onikiri and Ubadachi, so the corpse might not be Gotthard's.
  • The eyes of his corpse can be seen slowly blinking if watched through binoculars. (seen on patch 1.04 PC)
  • The description of his twinswords (Gotthard Twinswords) may suggest that he had intended to flee from the Black Hand ranks, and might have been hunted down by Kamui or other assassins in the Lothric castle. After helping our character twice under unknown motives in our journey through Lothric, perhaps prince Lothric began to fear both him and ordered someone to kill Gotthard before he could do more damage. (potential theory - not official)




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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2018 21:32  

      Black Hand Gotthard sucks. I summoned him near Abyss Watchers boss then led him back to the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire because I couldn't find any other phantoms to help me kill the Stray Demon miniboss above the bonfire. It turns out Black Hand Gotthard can't climb the ladder to get to the bonfire. He was my only hope since I'm really underleveled to summon real people and I can't fight Stray Demon by myself. Black Hand Gotthard was my only hope =(

      • Anonymous

        20 Jun 2017 04:35  

        Since I didn't see Sirris' sign at the Abyss Watchers fight, and I wasn't going through Anri's questline, Gotthard was my go-to summon for the Watchers and Pontiff. I don't know if how competent he is depends on how much of a casul you are (I think I'm in the filthy category), but he helped my strength character whittle them down before I smashed them. That being said, I ended up soloing the Watchers because I ran out of Embers, and he didn't live through the Pontiff fight, but I'm still holding on to his twinswords.

        • Anonymous

          14 May 2017 12:37  

          My theory is that he asked by Emma to help those who were hunting down the Lords of Cinder. He chose to do this, feeling that his duty to his kingdom was greater than his duty to the princes (which put him at odds with Kamui). He came to help with two of the most essential fights in the Unkindled's journey, and, upon watching their defeat of the resurrected Lords of Cinder from the shadows, Gotthard went back to Lothric Castle to unlock the Grand Archives. However, in the time that he had been gone, the Pilgrim Butterflies appeared, and animated the Dragonslayer Armor. He managed to get past it, but he expired shortly afterwards.

          • Anonymous

            13 Apr 2017 03:30  

            should change his name to black hand retard, literally stood there and stared at me while i soloed pontiff, *****ing useless *****

            • Anonymous

              18 Feb 2017 22:40  

              holy***** i summoned this guy for pontiff and he tanked everything and survived. I just attacked the pontiff and while this guy kept this attention. NG+ btw

              • Anonymous

                24 Jan 2017 06:30  

                My theory is that Gotthard fled the castle when Oceiros went mad. So once he escaped he thought that maybe he could use the help of the Ashen Undead to finally kill the king, which is why he left his sign. Unfortunately, he never made it to Ocieros, which is why his corpse is found outside of the Grand Archives. Either way, he was a trooper...

                • Anonymous

                  Unable to summon12 Sep 2016 07:58  

                  I was unable to summon him for the Abyss Watcher fight while Yellowfinger Heysel was summoned, his summon sign wouldn't show up. I tried restarting the game, teleporting from bonfire to bonfire, and even dying and re-embering to no avail.

                  • Anonymous

                    Summon sign gone!11 Sep 2016 10:55  

                    I started a new game and made a new character. I did every same thing during my previous playthrough but his summon sign is gone this time around. I only got to summon sirris for the abyss fight. Are there requirements now for him to appear???

                    • Anonymous

                      Gotthard09 Aug 2016 22:36  


                      • Anonymous

                        The corpse outside the Grand Archives is not Gotthard16 May 2016 14:48  

                        It may be considered Gotthards because of the weapons you get off him, but upon closer examination he is wearing the scabbards for Onikiri and Ubadachi. This is probably just a reused model but I thought it was interesting to point out.

                        • Anonymous

                          Abyss Watchers summon trigger14 May 2016 16:27  

                          Is there anything that may cause or prevent his sign from appearing for the abyss watcher's fight? More often than not I just never see it for the fight.

                          • Anonymous

                            The Third Black Hand08 May 2016 06:03  

                            The Black Hand Set states that there are (or have been) three members of the King's Black Hands. The Black Hand Hunters were the shadowy unit of Lothric's political hierarchy meant to handle those dirty situations that the King's Three Pillars were unable or unwilling to deal with. We know of two: Gotthard, obviously, and second is Kamui, wielder of Onikiri and Ubadachi.The question then is who is the third? I don't believe a third Black Hand is ever encountered, alive or dead, in the game. They are distinguished by their standard uniform, and the paired weapons they wield. There are other paired weapons, but all of them (The Drang Twinspears/Maces, the Brigand Twindaggers etc) have lore of their own, unassociated with the Black Hands. Why do we only come across two of them, when the game specifically states that there are three?This seems a little odd considering Dark Souls, and its tendency to be rather consistent (if vague) in its lore. Was the King's Black Hands co-founded by Gotthard, Kamui, and the unnamed third, or was the third perhaps the founder, mentored the other two, and was out of the picture by the game's start? I'm kind of hoping DLC might shed a little light on this... I find the Three Pillars and the Black Hands to be a very interesting concept that doesn't seem to be touched upon that much in the vanilla game. It would be interesting to learn more about them.

                            • Anonymous

                              Lore theory07 May 2016 09:24  

                              There are 3 Black Hand members gotthard the Dual Katana and the corpse in front of the archives. Katana and corpse dual wielding katana and Gotthard is dualwielding his straight swords. Either Black Hand is specialized in katana wielding or the dual wielding, more likely the first. Only higher ranking members of Black Hand get a customized weapon the gotthard swords are named after him so it means they are customized for his fighting style. The dual katana are the same and dont look any special. Maybe its possible that the three members of Black Hand were put into charge for lothric and they are coming somewhere past irithyll. After Gotthard found out that his partner dual katana betrayed Black Hand and joined Lothric he and corpse wanted to go to their headquarters. Gotthard were forced to fight the abyss watchers and pontiff because they made their way back but the only way back is through the catacombs. Why isnt he avaialbe in the wolnir boss fight? He and corpse were lost in the labirynth of the catacombs or wolnir is one of the past kings. And after he saw us fighting pontiff he helped us. Corpse still shocked about the betrayal couldnt fight and is forced to stay back. Somewhere between the unkindled defeated both yhorm and aldrich, gotthard and corpse were sent back to deal with their former friend. During our way to the archives gotthard fought the katana one but is surprised by the partners of katana. Gotthard were defeated and corpse had to see is all. He knows that he could defeat katana and his partners if gotthard couldnt defeat them. He also knows that Gotthards Seord are his most precios possesion and so he tried to save the sword along with the archives key from katana which he both aquired but were his by a backstab. The fatally wounded corpse locked the archives and his last sight was the unkindled one that fought alongside Gotthard. He left the keys and Gotthards swords visible on him before he died, while hoping the unkindled can defeat or talk reason in his friend katana. Gotthards corpse is found stripped his clothes because katana couldnt see them on him anymore. His corpse has the greater soul of champion. Which is found near katana. Lastly the Gotthard sword and gotthards garb were gifted to us as the unofficially new leader of team Black Hand Gotthard division.

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