Loretta's Bone is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Loretta's Bone

Old, discolored human bone with several holes bored into it.

A woman's corpse in the Undead Settlement was found clutching this bone. Her name was Loretta.


Loretta's Bone Usage

  • Give to Greirat to complete his first quest.



Loretta's Bone Locations

  • Undead Settlement: On a hanging corpse on the balcony of a house. You will have to hit the corpse from the balcony and then go down outside collect the item. The house is to the left of the Undead Settlement bonfire. The balcony is on the lower floor.







  • Loretta's Bone closely resembles an old, broken Homeward Bone when put side-by-side.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Jan 2021 10:39  

      i think i glitched it, i cut down the hanging body and looted it before i talked to greirat and i didnt get the bone, now i cant find it anywhere

      • Anonymous

        15 Jul 2020 20:29  

        I personally dont care whether this bone is just a bone (to me as a character in this universe or as a player) or even whether its part of her body or something else.

        The sad part about this line is Greirats reaction to it. And honestly, its somehow, to me, the (or at least among the) saddest part in the whole game.
        He knew her and his reaction states he cares about her death although he tries to play it down.
        And that contrast (playing the importance down in words but then reacting to the death afterwards), is what seems important.
        His stance and his words tell that she was important to him. And thats all that matters to me.
        His phrase "Heavens...she was already dead" implies to me, that he underwent some sort of journey and believed she was alive, to only find out that she was long gone.
        Its a surprise and that surprise hit him hard enough that i have to travel back and forth several times until hes ready to move on.

        Maybe he wanted to save her from death with said ring (as it buffs defense when low health).
        Whenever i reach that stage, in my mind the undead settlement started to witness a cleansing process by these Evangelists and those workers/peasants were the ones helping to burn the people they deemed "heretics".
        It seemed to also have hit Loretta. They killed and hanged her, probably even as a trophy.

        All of that, is sad. And thats why i try to help Greirat whenever i can to survive the playthrough.
        And my first action in the Undead Settlement, even though i can bypass a large part of it, is to kill all those at the burning tree.

        I didnt really care for the characters in DS1 or 2, (except Demons Souls back the days it was released on PS3, which had some original and really interesting or likeable characters).
        Yet, DS3 with Greirat is kind of the first Dark Souls giving me a character i really like and want to know more about.
        A character good enough that i care (weirdly the undead settlement has probably the three nicest characters to safe or care about in the game anyway).

        • Anonymous

          29 Feb 2020 08:54  

          Look at the undead worker's set. They wear a necklace of bones (as souvenirs?). This was a trinket Loretta kept.

          • Anonymous

            21 Oct 2019 15:08  

            If you guys noticed He says "heavens she was already dead" But if you kill him he says forgive me dear(forgive me mother) he also says I'm actually glad she's dead his mother did not accept what he did. He wanted to be sorry but she already died long ago

            • Anonymous

              20 Jul 2019 11:46  

              I feel like this isn't a very good item, because Greirat doesn't tell you anything about it. Yes, it is labeled as her bone, but from an in universe point of view it's just a bone to us, because he never told us anything about it...

              • Anonymous

                22 Jun 2019 17:38  

                Do you need to get the ring of sacrifice from Pickle-Pee in exchange for this item to complete the "Master of Rings" achievement?

                • Anonymous

                  16 Mar 2019 20:24  

                  I think the bone Is a tool for something, like a catalysts. The corpse was clutghing it but it Is not part of loretta

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Oct 2018 14:41  

                    i wonder who is the corpse, if she is loretta,is she able to clutch her own bone? i dont speak english XDD,does clutch just means catch ,or something else?

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Oct 2017 02:36  

                      Was looking all over my inventory and saves for this thing. Was playing a character from like a year ago (diff. save file) and had cleared abyss but could NOT find this thing. Swore I hadn't sold it to the crow (and no gesture anyway), went back to the location, was completely stumped. Nowhere in my inventory.

                      For some reason just completely forgot about storage lol. For some reason I stashed it there and never gave it to Greirat right away. Anyway if some of you guys can't find it or think it's glitched, just double check you didn't throw it in there.

                      I stopped using storage in most play throughs and just sell what I didn't need but on an old character I just never finished I was using the storage to try and inventory manage since I didn't know what I should keep.

                      Anyway, just double check.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Aug 2016 16:04  

                        Can't get Loretta's bone. I am getting it from body. I see the message that I got it but its not there and Greirat is not reacting in anyway. Good thing I had save nearby so I triplecheked it. Thats my ng ++++ and it never happened before. Also the same crap happened to Grave Key. I bought it but it is nowhere to be found and I can't open door to Velka...

                        • Anonymous

                          23 May 2016 01:13  

                          Should start calling Miyuzaki 'Trusty' Patches.He wouldn't steer you wrongHe won't lie through his teeth to you"Poise is working as intended"

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Apr 2016 10:15  

                            After handing over Loretta's Bone, I lost the ability to purchase items?! Is there a long term benefit? Or have I missed something?

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Apr 2016 21:43  

                              So, i never was able to unlock the cell and already traded in the bone to the birds nest. Any way i can un ***** this? >_> what am I missing out on? :/

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