Loretta's Bone is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Loretta's Bone

Old, discolored human bone with several holes bored into it.

A woman's corpse in the Undead Settlement was found clutching this bone. Her name was Loretta.


Loretta's Bone Usage

  • Give to Greirat to complete his first quest.



Loretta's Bone Locations

  • Undead Settlement: On a hanging corpse on the balcony of a house. You will have to hit the corpse from the balcony and then go down outside collect the item. The house is to the left of the Undead Settlement bonfire. The balcony is on the lower floor.





  • Can be given to the pickle pee crow for a ring of sacrifice (certainly the worst exchange)



  • Loretta's Bone closely resembles an old, broken Homeward Bone when put side-by-side.



    • Anonymous

      17 Mar 2019 01:24  

      I think the bone Is a tool for something, like a catalysts. The corpse was clutghing it but it Is not part of loretta

      • Anonymous

        05 Oct 2018 20:41  

        i wonder who is the corpse, if she is loretta,is she able to clutch her own bone? i dont speak english XDD,does clutch just means catch ,or something else?

        • Anonymous

          24 Oct 2017 08:36  

          Was looking all over my inventory and saves for this thing. Was playing a character from like a year ago (diff. save file) and had cleared abyss but could NOT find this thing. Swore I hadn't sold it to the crow (and no gesture anyway), went back to the location, was completely stumped. Nowhere in my inventory.

          For some reason just completely forgot about storage lol. For some reason I stashed it there and never gave it to Greirat right away. Anyway if some of you guys can't find it or think it's glitched, just double check you didn't throw it in there.

          I stopped using storage in most play throughs and just sell what I didn't need but on an old character I just never finished I was using the storage to try and inventory manage since I didn't know what I should keep.

          Anyway, just double check.

          • Anonymous

            Wierd bug12 Aug 2016 22:04  

            Can't get Loretta's bone. I am getting it from body. I see the message that I got it but its not there and Greirat is not reacting in anyway. Good thing I had save nearby so I triplecheked it. Thats my ng ++++ and it never happened before. Also the same crap happened to Grave Key. I bought it but it is nowhere to be found and I can't open door to Velka...

            • Anonymous

              Miscreant ahead23 May 2016 07:13  

              Should start calling Miyuzaki 'Trusty' Patches.He wouldn't steer you wrongHe won't lie through his teeth to you"Poise is working as intended"

              • Anonymous

                Pros/Cons - Loretta's Bone28 Apr 2016 16:15  

                After handing over Loretta's Bone, I lost the ability to purchase items?! Is there a long term benefit? Or have I missed something?

                • Anonymous

                  Lorettas bone?28 Apr 2016 03:43  

                  So, i never was able to unlock the cell and already traded in the bone to the birds nest. Any way i can un ***** this? >_> what am I missing out on? :/

                  • Trade the Bones with the Crow26 Apr 2016 20:15  

                    I traded the Loretta Bones before knowing it's importance, and now i cant continue the Greirat Quest line.

                    • Anonymous

                      Accident...I swear!25 Apr 2016 23:44  

                      I just hate before I went to the wiki I accidently gave the crow the bone....Anyway other than NG+ to get it back :D?

                      • Anonymous

                        Can be burn to increase Ectus Flask23 Apr 2016 19:10  

                        This bone can be used as normal undead bone and be burn in the bonfire to increase the Ectus Flask's efficiency. So becareful if you want to complete Grierat's questline.

                        • Anonymous

                          Another way to get Loretta's Bone?16 Apr 2016 23:20  

                          Since I screwed up and traded it in to the bird on the roof, does anyone know another way to get another one outside of NG+?

                          • Anonymous

                            glitch16 Apr 2016 03:52  

                            i turned off my game before getting the bone now the item is floating above where the body was hanging but there's no body to cut down so it's stuck with no way to get it

                            • Anonymous

                              Don't give to Greirat?13 Apr 2016 22:54  

                              You might not want to give the bone to Greirat. He stopped selling items to me after I did, maybe it's just a coincidence?

                              • Correction to the trade info (and problem editing)...13 Apr 2016 22:35  

                                It is in fact the ring of sacrifice you get for trading the bone with the crow (at least when I did it). I tried editing the entry but choosing "edit" just lets me change the smaller box with the quote, nothing else appears.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Two uses12 Apr 2016 22:52  

                                  So I found the bone and took it to the bird on the roof of Firelink (similar to Snuggly and Dina/Trillo(?)). She exchanged it for a Ring of Sacrifice... then I found someone locked in a cell on the HIgh Wall and he gave me a Blue Tearstone Ring to give to Loretta. Now I don't have the bone so... umm... save it for that guy, I guess! No idea what it does for his questline though.

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