Logan's Scroll is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Logan's Scroll

Secret tome of the Profaned Capital court sorcerers, containing sorceries of Logan.

Give to a sorcerer to learn Logan's sorceries.

The court sorcerers used this scroll to claim heirship to Logan's legacy, though how that claim stands up to closer scrutiny is another story.


Logan's Scroll Usage



Logan's Scroll Locations

  • Kill the Sorcerer NPC within the Profaned Capital who stands atop the church surrounded by toxic water.
  • To find this NPC, begin at the Profaned Capital Bonfire, go to the bottom of the tower and proceed through a broken wall on the left. after dropping down, turn to your left and head up the ramp, past the gargoyle. Proceed untill you reach the wooden platform overlooking a toxic swamp area; directly ahead of you is the church. If you fall down the holes earlier, you can kill the Sewer Centipedes (or run past them) and head to the ladder on the wall of the church. After climbing the ladder avoid going inside and proceed to the top of the roof.  You will meet the NPC here.
  • Video location.



Unlocked Spells




  • The scroll isn't automatically added to your inventory upon the sorcerer's death, and you have to pick it up. Reloading the area will make the item spawn at the NPC's spawnpoint if you didn't pick it up.
  • If you are having trouble; You can simply stay on the wooden platform overlooking the Toxic Pond, shoot the NPC with Arrows. He'll normally head down ladder and slowly walk towards you. Enjoy his Toxic death as you see fit. (Black Bow of Pharis and Wood Arrows were used, no Hawk Ring.)




  • This scroll appears to belong to Bighat Logan from the original Dark Souls game and allows you to learn some of the same spells he could teach you.


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