Flynn's Ring

Ring of Flynn, the eulogized thief. Lowering equip load increases attack power.

Flynn fought with the wind on his side, and was a hero among the weak and poor, yet even his admirers knew that it was little more than an idyllic fable."

 Flynn's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3


Flynn's Ring Effect

  • Lowering equip load increases attack power up to 15%
  • Weight: 0.9



Where to Find Flynn Ring





Flynn's Ring is not affected by your weight %, but rather by the raw weight you have. The damage is roughly 15%, and will drop quickly. The exact breakpoints is per weapon, and is found by [ (Maximum damage increase - no damage increase) + 1 ]. For example: Bare fist get a 24 attack rating increase under 2.4 weight and had 25 breakpoints, and roughly every point of weight you lose 0.6% damage. For a Black Knight Halberd you get 49 damage, with 50 breakpoints, and you lose 0.2% damage every 0.4 weight from 9.9 to 30 weight. 

This means that the damage increase will fall very quickly for any weapon, and gives no attack rating at around 30 weight. For the full 15% (or 14.12%) increase, you need to be under 2.4 weight (the ring itself weights 0.9). It has a use for low level builds or very low-weight builds, although don't expect the full 15% AR increase. Most of the semi heavy - heavy weapons put it to the lower damage increase range! 

For example: At roughly 10 weight, the damage is down to 7-8%, and at 20 it's down to 3-4%, and it caps at roughly 30 with no gain.

 This ring only increases 'physical' attack power. Thus, it does not increase the dark portion of Dark Hand or fire damage of Demon's Scar.


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    • Anonymous

      07 May 2021 03:42  

      Here is an idea to get maximum benefit from this ring:

      Equip absolutely nothing else than the pyro flame and get boulder heave in your attunement slot.

      Congratulations, now you ve become glass ledo.

      • Anonymous

        27 Mar 2021 19:05  

        Youve heard of dex scaling, str scaling, int scaling, faith scaling and even luck scaling! But get ready for........ VITALITY SCALING!!!!

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2020 12:21  

          I can imagine the possibilities of a Dragon form build, a dagger in main hand and caestus in the other, with only Flynn and Hornet rings. Light enough to get the damage boost, and you can roar just before parrying someone to riposte them for crazy damage.

          • 16 May 2020 04:04  

            This ring is more oriented for assassin characters and archers, which cause critical damage, for normal attacks it is garbage, but for critical10% it is practically the small but devastating blow that makes the difference between an enemy rising or the enemy staying completely "dead"

            • Anonymous

              26 Apr 2020 18:30  

              USEFUL RING: I'm not sure why this is regarded as a useless ring by many. For naked builds, this is free damage. My +10 Sharp Sellsword Twinblades are at 381 by themselves (56 dex atm). This ring boosts to 420AR. It takes up a slot, but 10.2% damage increase sounds great to me. Again...when running a naked build.

              • Anonymous

                29 Jan 2020 18:46  

                Such a niche ring, but still powerful in the right set-up. You pretty much have to be naked to get proper use out of it, so it pairs extremely well with Dragon Form since this ring should give you a 10-15% damage boost in Dragon Form and stacks with your Roar for an additional 10%. As others have said, it also works on physical-damage spells and is one of the few rings that can buff bow damage. In my experience, it stops being useful once you exceed 15 Weight, so it's best with either a ranged build or a one-shot build... or a ranged one-shot build.

                • 17 Jan 2020 19:08  

                  Naked with +5 Demon Scar and this ring, tested Boulder Heave against beginner hollows, 65 int/fth: Ring on - 538 damage; Ring off - 454 damage. White Corona ring off = 74 damage; ring on = 95 damage - Wraith of the Gods ring off = 494 damage; ring on = 585 damage. Conclusion; this ring will boost physical type magic. For the hell of it, tested Great Farron Dart, both ring on and off, damage was 72. Old Moonlight test, on and off, uncharged beam damage was 300.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Mar 2019 20:59  

                    How effective is this for Divine Pillars, Emit Force and Wrath of the Gods? Obviously at 60 fth with the Talisman/Canvas Talisman.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Jan 2019 03:56  

                      Used to be my #1 ring in DS2 DLC and NG+. Worthless for me in DS3. I can do low weight build but it is counterproductive considering higher and more useful bonuses from other rings, heavier weapons and shields.

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Oct 2018 08:47  

                        Have like 60.5 load out with rapier is 2-3 hit dlc mobs I used leather chest and legs and jester gloves and chloranty and ring of protection +1 and flynns ring and 4th any and I get +120 something dmg rapier+10 it's very good new dlc came out yesterday btw. ItS called easymode i released it its free

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Aug 2018 15:06  

                          Does it also work with sorceries. I just remembered about this ring and went to get it, and me and my friend are doing a mage bros. run and if this does increase sorceries then it'll be really helpful

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Mar 2018 17:39  

                            My typical build:
                            - Desert Sorceress (DS) Hood
                            - DS top
                            - Cornyx Skirt
                            - DS Gloves

                            Beside's Flynn's, I change this setup a lot. It may consist of
                            -Sun Princess ring
                            -Chloranthy ring
                            -Saint's ring for tears of denial
                            -Red tearstone

                            I commonly use a Winged Spear, and gain around 10% extra damage, which is like 40 damage more. This is almost like a +12 Winged Spear. My Follower's sword gets around 46 extra damage.

                            How is a permanent 8-11% damage increase perceived as 'not worth it'? Git gud at dodging and countering, and win!

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