Lloyd's Sword Ring

Ring given to knights of the Way of White. Depicts Allfather Lloyd's Sword of Law.

Boosts attack power when HP is full.

Much time has passed since the worship of Lloyd was common in the Way of White. The clerics of Carim had always strongly asserted that Lloyd was a derivative fraud, and that the Allfather title was self-proclaimed.

 Lloyd's Sword Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Lloyd's Sword Ring Effect

  • Boosts Attack Rating when HP is full (over 99% HP)
    • PVE = 10% 
    • PVP = 10%
  • Weight: 0.9



Where to Find Lloyd's Sword Ring




  • Boosts all damage dealt while the buff is active.
    Confirmed with: Wrath of the Gods, Sunlight Spear, Crystal Soul Spear. ~12-13% damage increase.
  • This does NOT work with consumable item damage (Tested with Firebombs and Throwing Knives)
  • The boost to AR is effectively 10% greater.
    • Your damage gets amplified slightly more than just 10%, thanks to how defense works in this game.
    • To simplify, BIG DAMAGE pierces enemy defenses VERY WELL.
      while small damage pierces enemy defenses very little.
  • Tested on Hollows at High Wall of Lothric:
    • 322 AR (no ring) R1 = 298 damage = 0.925% of AR.
    • 354 AR (with ring) R1 = 336 damage = 0.949% of AR.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2021 12:40  

      I highly recommend wearing this + Sun Princess Ring as soon as you find them if this is your first playthrough of the game. Since first time players tend to move more patiently through areas and explore all the corners and paths, you will have plenty of downtime between fights to let the sun ring heal you to max HP and get the attack bonus. It's an excellent combo for regular enemies, but for boss fights, instead you should pair this ring with the Estus Ring, which will heal you extra when you use your flask, making you more likely to hit max hp when you heal during the boss fight.

      • Anonymous

        26 Jul 2021 08:05  

        This bad boy saved me in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
        Gave me just enough damage to two-shot most Pontiff Knights, which made the whole area alot easier

        • Anonymous

          05 Nov 2020 13:13  

          Is this ring better than the Red Tearstone Ring? Red Tearstone seems to provide a bigger buff, and both require you to be really cautious and dodge well to keep the buff. Which one is better? I've used Lloyd's Sword Ring for most of the game, but the damage increase doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.

          • Anonymous

            17 Aug 2020 11:14  

            In PVE, there are too many little falls you have to take that chip off just a bit of your health to dismiss the buff, forcing you to chug

            • Anonymous

              13 May 2020 18:14  

              imagine this ring in real life, you stub your toe, get a headache or cough to hard, POOF, all your magic strength is gone

              • 23 Nov 2018 03:14  

                Was tinkering around with my build when I discovered something. If you wear this ring and the dusk crown ring at the same time, it amplifies the attack bonus.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Aug 2018 23:01  

                  whoever wrote those notes: 1) it's a mess 2) you speak as if enemy defenses were a mystery. Rule of thumb: Deal greater damage, and more percentage of your damage will go through an enemy's defenses. no need to write 10 paragraphs about it.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jul 2018 14:26  

                    Remember to use the dusk crown, the blind mask and the scholar’s candlestick if you want max damage along with the clutch rings. The masks change depending on if you’re using sorceries or dark sorceries.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Apr 2018 10:37  

                      who is loyd he is in dark souls two (loyds talismans) and is in dark souls 3 i have not seen any lore about him.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Mar 2018 13:12  

                        In Irithyll going down the ladder to the giant Rat-doggos, one of the Drang Knights kicked me and dealt 7 damage of my (unembered) 947 HP and the ring was still active. This might need more testing than one thought.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Feb 2018 21:16  

                          I mostly enjoy this ring during co-oping for valorizing damage while having no aggro. It also synergizes well with the "Sun Princess Ring" .

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Jan 2018 19:17  

                            This ring has a use, but is it USEFUL? Depends on the situation.

                            In PvE, this ring is good for late game-low SL runs where pretty much everything one shots you. Good incentive really, don't get hit and you'll have bonus damage on top of being alive.

                            Not good for hyper builds though, doesn't even work for hyper builds.

                            In PvP, this ring doesn't really work unless:
                            A. You have a long ranged weapon.
                            B. You have a fast weapon and are good at dodging.
                            C. You are a caster and are good at dodging.
                            D. You are really, really good at parrying.
                            E. You have a really good sense of spacing.
                            F. You have really bad connection.
                            G. You are using hacks to get infinite health.

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