Havel's Ring

A ring for warriors keen on heavy acoutrements. Increases maximum equip load.

This ring was named after Havel the Rock, the battlefield compatriot of Gwyn, the First Lord.

The art of war has been a constant since ages past, and those who would follow in Havel's footsteps are no fewer now than in his own day.

Havel's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Havel's Ring Effect

  • Increases maximum equip load by 15%
  • +1 Version: +17%
  • +2 Version: +18%
  • +3 Version: +19%
  • Weight: 1.5



Where to Find Havel's Ring



  • You can also find Havel's Set after defeating the Stray Demon if you have defeated the Havel Knight that spawns in Archdragon Peak.
  • Havel's Ring has been heavily nerfed; unlike it's Dark Souls counterpart, which raised equip load by a whopping 50%, this Havel's Ring only raises it by 15%.
  • This ring may be useful for fast-roll builds (<= 30% equipment load) as the actual usable weight allowance gained is the equivalent of a good number of points in vitality. If aiming for 30% load, this ring allows you to carry the following extra item weight after accounting for the ring's own weight ( extra weight = ((max_weight * ring_bonus/100)-1.5)*0.3 ):
    • Basic Ring
      • 10 Vitality: 1.8 (~ +6 vit)
      • 20 Vitality: 2.25 (~ +7.5 vit)
      • 30 Vitality: 2.7 (~ +9 vit)
      • 40 Vitality: 3.15 (~ +10.5 vit)
    • +3 Ring
      • 10 Vitality: 2.4 (~ +8 vit)
      • 20 Vitality: 2.97 (~ +9.9 vit)
      • 30 Vitality: 3.54 (~ +11.8 vit)
      • 40 Vitality: 4.11 (~ +13.7 vit)




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    • Okay, the location of the +3 ring: At the bottom of the big stairs where the fat dudes spawn up from the mud, take a sharp left. There's a long ladder. At the top of the ladder, go up the stairs and take a right. Drop down onto a little dirt ledge. Follow it up to the empty tower where I assume Ledo spawns. Near the front door to the tower, there's a ledge you can drop to. The ring is on one of these little tiny ledges.

      Hope that helps, took me like 30 minutes to piece together where the "ledges near the swamp" were.

      • Anonymous

        Pair this with ring of favor if you don't want half your SL to be in vit because you wanted to make a heavy build.

        • Anonymous

          I have around 20Vit and just went from 60 to 70 Max equip load.

          This ring is worth it for high weight characters.
          I went from struggling to even have a bow for picking off enemies with my heavy gear to being able to equip full fallen knight armor, my longsword, my drang hammers, short bow, knight shield and chime.

          All of a sudden I'm able to counter and adapt, and that's pretty valuable to me, more than 2 or 3 levels from the soul.

          I must emphasize tho, this is only for high weight builds like dual hammer full armor.

          • Anonymous

            The developers were probably like "wait how much did it increase by in DS1? Fif-ty or fif-teen?" And after an hour or so of debating this is what we got.

            • Anonymous

              I just want to add that the raw defense boost you get with this ring simply by wearing better armor makes it much more potent than the Ring of Steel Protection with the PvP nerf. It is also multiplicative with vitality, so you can softcap on vitality and get a lot more value out of this ring, and the ring of favor. Raising your equip loads to those thresholds allows you to wear absolute fatty armor with a large weapon and greatshield. My personal favorite PvE co-op build is sofcapped health, stam, vit, 50 str, 40 dex, uber armor, black knight greataxe, and a shield with bash. Also consider that many people use simpler offhand items like the Grass Crest Shield or an infused parry tool, when you could be using the Old Wolf Curved Sword and get both Pontiff ring effects with the caveat being that it's just heavy. 15% ramping damage and a moderate heal on consecutive attacks is far more valuable to most playstyles than a ring slot. Just to reiterate, this ring is worth it even without a heavy vitality investment for the armor opportunity cost alone.

              • Anonymous

                do you need to make the ring first before you get the upgraded rings? havel's ring +0 dosen't seem all that worth it compared to 20K souls, but i'd like the upgraded ones in the first place

                • Anonymous

                  dont bother using it unless your going for some heavy armor build, just get 40 vitality if you wanna wear more heavy armor

                  • Anonymous

                    Fun fact: This ring's effect stacks multiplicitively with RoF meaning you will have a 40% increase in equip load with RoF +3 and Havel +3, and if that's not enough add the Prisoner's chain for maximum fat.

                    • Anonymous

                      Dark Souls 1: Heavy armor will have a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks that coincide with someone's build. Dark Souls 2: We've changed the weight system a bit to allow heavy armor users a more welcoming spot. Dark Souls 3: No

                      • Anonymous

                        DS 3 hates heavy armored players... gotta put sooooo many points into vitality, and the havels ring is*****.

                        • Anonymous

                          What the***** were they thinking?! At 15% it barely even compensates for it's own weight. If you're worried about scaling so badly, give it a flat increase or at least a lower weight.

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