Sulyvahn's Beast

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Sulyvahn's Beast is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • A ferocious beast that attacks relentlessly.
  • A head similar to that of a crocodile with three eyes and numerous teeth. Covered in grey fur, from its head to its curved tail. The ribcage has been torn open, and shudders when the beast breathes.
  • None of them respawn after death
  • The two in front of McDonnell have 2721 health in NG.


Combat Information

  • Attacks mainly with bites, snapping at the player. Has a charge that grabs the player and can be OHKO, to avoid it you should roll sideways slightly sooner than you would think, as the attack has a wider reach than expected.
  • If the player is behind or beside this beast it will swipe its head to hit the player and to face the player. It can be hard to evade but it has an obvious wind up. It will generally do two swipes, from one side to the other.
  • Player will generally be charged by the first beast on the bridge, but if one is close enough, it will enter its normal attack patterns instead.
  • Contact with the exposed ribcage on the underside of the beast often creates a knockback effect, interrupting both your blocks and attacks.



  • Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
    • First encountered upon crossing the bridge into Irithyll. If not slain here, it will jump off the bridge and fight youn the water below after crossing underneath.
    • Two can be found behind an illusory wall in a small room just before the Silver Knight archers. They protect acess to the Aldrich Faithful covernant and the Ring of Favor.


Notes & Tips

  • Is EXTREMELY susceptible to bleed. Dorhy's Gnawing can deal upwards 800+ damage per cast at 30 FTH.
  • VERY weak to fire: 2-3 Great Chaos Fire Orbs will put them down pretty quickly.
  • Is susceptible to poison. At SL 31 with 22 intelligence a single application of Poison Spores from the Storyteller's Staff will kill a beast in front of McDonnell. Application can be difficult however due to their speed and unpredictability.
  • All of Sulyvahn's Beasts are unique targets. Dedicated combos kill them quickly, but they have equally dangerous attacks of their own, and can punish reckless behavior.
  • Roll sideways to stay close when dodging, and come up swinging at them to get damage in before they attack again. Don't trade blows, and don't extend your combos.
  • Without a high investment in Endurance (~30) and/or top notch endurance recovery management (don't hold your shield up when not being attacked for faster regeneration), shields can be difficult to use effectively in this fight as some attacks/combos from the beasts deplete large amounts of stanima. Shield-breaking during this fight will lead to almost certain death.
  • Attacking it from their sides proves useful but beware of its head swipe, it can be difficult to evade.
  • When it breathes lightning it is best to hug its chest or sides. Once the beast breathes lightning they wont change their direction to follow your character, making it easy to evade and punish with one or two good hits before it recovers.
  • Its head is a weakness, like most large enemies
  • A single Great Heavy Soul Arrow to the face after it completes it's initial charge and flop will result in the beast rearing back for a Critical Hit. Simply run up, stab it with an implement of your choice and you will do Massive Damage. The beast then falls backwards and begins flailing. Like everything about this creature the flailing deals damage and can kill you. Either continue blasting it to finish it off or wait for it to slow down and get a swing or two in. It will get back up after this if you've failed to finish it. Differences in NG+ apply until testing can happen.
  • Because the McDonnell fight is very difficult, it is advised to use a bow to lure one of the beasts.
  • Alternatively you can quickly dispatch them by waiting for their initial plung and hitting them hard on the nose. This will cause them to go into a reposite state for additional damage. Afterwards they will be vulnerable for a final attack.


Irithyll: Entrance Bridge Strategies

  • As soon as it spawns for the first time, this Sulyvahn's Beast takes several seconds to roar and announce its presence.  During this moment, it is very easy to run up and unleash your heaviest attack on its head.  With enough damage, it will lean backwards and go into a riposte-able state.  When I used this strategy, I had two-handed a +1 Demon's Greataxe (~400 AR), and hit it with Demonic Flare for an easy riposte opportunity.
  • Easier way, count 4 decorated, flower pillars on the bridge, as soon as you reach the fourth one, the beast will appear. You can then dip in and out of the entrance, the beast will attempt to disappear once you step out the gate, and will not attack even if it sees you. This provides an opportunity to get some hits in. Repeat until it's dead.

Irithyll: Bridge Underside Strategies

  • If you don't defeat the first one you encounter on the bridge in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, and you encounter it again in the water below, there is a simple strategy to defeating it by using the environment to your advantage. In the northern corner, just before you reach the stone floor and manor in the distance, there is a rounded area surrounded by the rocks, a cul-de-sac of sorts. In this rounded area is a crack in the rocks on the right side just big enough for your character to fit into. If you stand at the very back, the monster cannot reach you even though he will try to. From here you can whittle his health down  with ranged attacks or carefully timed melee attacks. Block his electrical attack and don't get close enough for him to reach you, and eventually you will defeat him.

Irithyll: Water Reserve Strategies

  • Skull Ring Strategy
  • A strategy is the stagger/riposte. Lure one over with bow, then climb up the ladder immediatly, when he begins to walk into the wall, press (climb)+(jump) the jump down ladder, aiming for his head, and this should cause him to fall back and giving us a riposte. Note that the beast can reach up the ladder a certain height, also being able to finish it in one combo is the best possible outcome.
  • A viable strategy for sorcerers is to apply Poison using a Storyteller's Staff, Hidden Body, and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to get close enough without notice. After using Poison Spores the beast will move toward you to investigate the spell casting placing it in the poison cloud. Moving backward will ensure it does not notice you. If a single casting fails to apply poison simply repeat.


  • It has a similar look to the Egyptian demon Ammit, whose name means Soul Eater.
  • Similar in look to the Beast of Darkness from Berserk.
  • Also bears semblance - both in look and attack patterns - to the Watchdog of the Old Lords, a Chalice Dungeon boss from Bloodborne.
  • Drops 12000 Souls.
  • If the beast survives after a riposte, it will cross its hands over its stomach, seemingly in prayer, and will become "friendly" until attacked again.
  • Its underbelly looks similiar to that of the Gaping Dragon.
  • Can be staggered and riposted.







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    • 11 Apr 2017 09:25  

      The Gaping Dragon and the Watchdog of the Old Lords got wild together one and had a bunch of very ugly and obnoxious pups. We can at least be thankful they didn't inherit their mothers fire! :P

      • 16 Feb 2017 07:26  

        The way I killed him was to spawn him then run to the sewer entrance right next to the stairs that lead to the bonfire. He cant get me and after 1 or 2 attacks a white shroud will appear he will despawn. You gotta hit im as much as you can before that happens and get 1 hit meanwhile hes despawning. Takes some time but 100% you will kill him cause he wont regenerate the health.

        • 24 Jan 2017 16:18  

          I kill them with a +6 partizan, black set from yuria. Lots of rolling, but he doesn't have that much health. Certainly not the easiest way to kill them, but I think its better than cheesing them and making them effortless.

          • 21 Jan 2017 06:04  

            I suggest using the Farron Greatsword. Its alternate attack where you spin on the ground makes it easy for you to damage it, and if you time it right, you wont take any damage yourself. It also doesn't require FP, only stamina. The catch is having your character be able to wield it properly (Having proper strength and dexterity, and having enough stamina, since it uses a lot of stamina to wield).
            I ran into my first sulyvan beast ever today (the one on the bridge), and it was laughable at how easy the fight was.

            • 08 Jan 2017 19:18  

              Steps to defeat Sulyvahn Beasts:
              1. Shoot with arrow
              2. Flee to ladder
              3. Remember not to smack with bow
              4. Change weapons (so u don't smack with bow.
              5. Jump off ladder (B while not moving)
              6. Smack beast on nose
              7. Flee to ladder.
              8. Repeat until death.

              • 27 Dec 2016 09:09  

                I was invaded by someone who really got on my nerves in a previous invasion and my still being salty seeded him then I was invaded 2 more times so I ran and hid by the two Sulvyvahn beast things, didn't have a plan just wanted to take the first guy down with me, turns out the 3rd invader was someone who I'd encountered earlier too (much nicer encounter) and they helped me kill the two Sulyvahn beasts. So that was nice considering I was being really cowardly and salty toward the 1st invader (who eventually was defeated) ... plus I got what I deserved when I fought the 2nd invader. Anyway, my point being-- I hate these things-- and was rescued by an invader. END.

                • 17 Dec 2016 15:38  

                  Is it just me, or does Bleed and Fire do absolutely NOTHING to these things? +10 Chaos Spiked Mace was barely touching it on NG+3, but for some reason my Black Knight Sword+5 lays down the law with these things.

                  • 09 Dec 2016 16:07  

                    I'd recommend avoiding them above NG+5 or on NG+5. It was able to one shot me and pop my tears at 1947 hp with good ass defense and armor. Also saw it do about 1010 damage to an invader with one hit...nope, just nope.

                    • 27 Nov 2016 16:49  

                      I feel sad killing these guys. They actually have some sanity left. If you leave them on their backs after a riposte, they fold their hands in prayer until death/ being hit.

                      • 09 Nov 2016 14:39  

                        Hidden body + slumbering dragoncrest ring + lingering dragoncrest ring.
                        Storyteller's staff weapon art (14hp per sec till it's dead) + toxic mist (13hp per sec for 90 seconds).

                        • 31 Oct 2016 12:49  

                          If your a non magic build. Just user the Armor of thorns and keep running through the gate. His health doesn't recharge. And the Armor of Thorns is bleed.

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