Darkest Knight
level_icon.jpg115 Vigor40 Attunement24 Endurance15 Vitality16
Strength23 Dexterity40 Intelligence9 Faith30 Luck7


This is your destiny, hollowed one. To find and create light within the darkness.

  • Build Name: Darkest Knight
  • Build Level: 115
  • Build Focus: PvE and/or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Vigor, Dexterity, Faith, and Strength
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: https://fextralife.com/calculator/dks3builds.html

 Effective and Fashion Souls acceptable.

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Dark Sword + 10, with a Refined Gem Infusion /// Pyromancy Flame + 10
  • Left HandGolden Wing Crest Shield + 5 /// Talisman of your choice
  • Head: Executionor Helm
  • Chest: Silver Knight Armor
  • Hands: Knight Guantlets
  • Legs: Dark Leggings
  • Rings: Havel's Ring, Ring of Favor, Carthus MilkringDarkmoon Ring
  • Items: Estus Flask x 13, Ashen Estus Flask x 2


Build Strategy

This is a heavily offensive hybrid build that offers an excellent amount of dynamic in any given situation, be it PvE or PvP. 

You will have two powerful buffs to bolster your defense and attack power. Deep Protection, and Sacred Oath. They stack together and offer a lot of defense and add power to your already dangerous attacks.

You will have Lightning Blade to infuse your already heavy-hitting Dark Sword with lightning damage. In addition to having Lightning Blade available, you can use any type of Pine Resin or Pine Bundle you'd like because your weapon will use a refined infusion.

You will have Great Chaos Fire Orb, which is an immense help and an excellent source of supplementary damage in dangerous situations where you need to finish an enemy, or group of enemies off quickly. This is particularly effective versus aggressive players, estus chuggers, or gankers in PvP. Make them think twice before spamming!

Soul Level 115 allows us to PvP to our heart's content, as we are in the Soul Level range of what most players consider reasonable.

40 Vigor gives us an excellent health pool. Our Vigor, combined with the damage reduction from our armour, Sacred Oath, and Deep Protection, make us a force to be reckoned with!

24 Attunement gives us an ample amount of FP(Focus Points) to ensure that we can cast Sacred Oath, Deep Protection, and Sunlight Blade. Two Ashen Estus Flasks are kept on reserve to resupply our FP for casting Great Chaos Fire Orb, or refreshing our buffs. We will use the Darkmoon Ring to add two additional Attunement Slots in order to use our full arsenal of spells.


Miracles and Pyromancies: (The order in which you attain them can vary).

Deep ProtectionFaith Required - 20, Attunement Slots used - 1Can be purchased from Irina of Carim for 4000 souls after freeing her in the Undead Settlement, and later finding the Deep Braille Dvine Tome in the Cathedral of the Deep. While in Firelink Shrine, give her the Tome and she will sell you Deep Protection.

Sacred Oath: Faith Required - 28, Attunement Slots used - 2Acquired by achieving Rank 1 in the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. This is done by collecting 10 Sunlight Medals, which you can earn by either having a Warrior of Sunlight help you complete an area and that area's boss fight, or by joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, and helping others complete areas of the game, including the boss of the area in which you were summoned.

Great Chaos Fire Orb: Requires Pyromancy Flame, Attunement Slots used - 2Great Chaos Fire Orb can be purchased from Cornyx of the Great Swamp for 10,000 souls after freeing him from his cage in the Undead Settlement, and later finding the Izalith Pyromancy Tome in the Smouldering Lake. While in Firelink Shrine, give him the Tome and he will sell you Great Chaos Fire Orb.

Lightning BladeFaith Required - 30Attunement Slots used - 1. Located in Irithyll Dungeon.


15 Endurance, when combined with the Ring of Favor, gives us enough stamina to ensure that we can swing a few times, cast Great Chaos Fire Orb when needed, or roll repeatedly when the situation calls for it.

16 Vitality combined with the increased equipment load provided by Havel's Ring and the Ring of Favor puts us at exactly 69.9% weight ratio, ensuring that we use every last bit of our equip load to maximize on our defensive stats like Absorption, Resistance, and Poise. A quick note about this! You'll be slightly under 69.9% weight ratio with the Darkmoon Ring on, but you can equip the lovely Hornet Ring in it's place if you want to see those big backstab and riposte crits. Equipping the hornet ring will put you at exactly 69.9% weight ratio.

23 Strength and 40 Dexterity offer us the best of every world. Dexterity, while not incredibly influential to our cast speed, does improve our ability to lob molten balls of DOOM at our attackers as quickly as possible! We have 400 Attack Power as a base at 23 Strength, 40 Dexterity, with our + 10 Refined Dark Sword, added lightning damage from Lightning Blade, and even more attack power from both Sacred Oath and Deep Protection.  Do NOT let us hit you. :) You'll hate your life, you Estus-Chugging scrub invaders!

30 Faith gives us the ability to use Sacred Oath and Lightning Blade.

The weapon art of the Dark Sword is a handy tool for dual-wielding spammers, cocky ultra weapon users, or any overly-aggressive player that resorts to the old "spam and pray that I win" tactic. Use your L2 to hunker down and then follow through with a heavy attack to finish off your opponent.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm very new, but is there a reason you went refined over raw? I just looked at the dark sword stats, and it looks like you get way more physical attack with a raw infusion.

      • Anonymous

        Just started working towards this build after not playing for almost a year. With the recent Nerf to the Dark Sword, is this build still viable? Note: i'm 90% PVE

        • Anonymous

          how and talking about the sword why did darkblade it's better then the lothric stragth sword with this build ? i have ear that the lothric sword it's the most powerfull. sry for my english

          • Anonymous

            Hello, i dont understand why u put so much in dextérity instead of force, while the darkblade have a better scaling on force

            • Anonymous

              Hi, i am using and loving this build but i have one question. How should i use the excess souls i have left after reaching level 115?

              • Anonymous

                \/ "Refined gem" means you infuse it with a refined gem
                The +10 is reinforcement (aka buffing). It is different than infusion. Lighting is another type of infusion which would replace the Refined gem infusion in this case

                • Anonymous

                  Hi, i know i'm kinda late to the party, i 'm inexperienced with leveling up your sword. so when you say + 10 do you mean regular +10 or lighting or..?
                  thanks anyways

                  • Anonymous

                    I am really noob to this game having fun/hard time .. and i was wondering why would you wear dark leggings and some stuff for example the pants given to start are better than the dark leggings no ? (14 hours played so far)

                    • Anonymous

                      Cool Build. Very similar to my ultimate Pyro knight Hybrid. However for me I would bump up to 120 or 125 and take 5 points out of Vigor. Allocate those extra points to lvl Intel to at the very least 20 because your pyromancy for chaos fire orb with current stats will be relatively weak.

                      • I see 2 things I do not understand: a knight should have 11 luck from the start, not 7(?) and how do you end up with 5 slots like this? 24 att = 4 slots.

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi, I like the build and plan to use it. Thanks for posting it; however, I'm confused about your atonement points combined with the spells mentioned. You've listed this build with 24 atonement points which gives 4 slots but the required spell slots for all spells listed would be 6 not 4 thus an atonement of 40 (not 24) would be needed to include Sacred Oath, Deep Protection, Lightning Blade and Great Fire Orb all at the same time. Now if you mean to attune them at different times (i.e soul levels) then it would make sense. Please confirm/explain. Thanks in advance.

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