The Branded Swordsman
Name Guts   Level 100
Kanji ガ ッ ツ   Gender Male
Rōmaji Gattsu   Origin Knight
Age Mature   Birthplace N / A
Status Alive   Burial Gift None
Species Human   PvE Yes
Hair Black   PvP Yes
Scar Nose   Arena Yes
Eye Brown   Covenant None
Height 6 ft 3 in
190 cm
  Weight 255 lb
115 kg
Rival Griffith - God Hand Member
Love Casca - Band of The Hawk
Relative Gambino - Adoptive Father
Relative Shisu - Adoptive Mother
Relative  Demon - Offspring
Current Affiliation - Guts' Traveling Party
Previous Affiliation - Band of The Hawk
Previous Affiliation - Gambino's Group
Current Occupation - Mercenary
Previous Occupation - Knight  ( Revoked )
Previous Occupation - Band of The Hawk
Moral Alignment - Chaotic Nuetral
Battle Style Self - Taught
Hand Prefernce Ambidextrous
First Appearance Episode A0
Voice Actor (ENG) - Marc Diraison
Voice Actor (JAP) - Nobutoshi Canna

This is a player-created Cosplay Build for Dark Souls 3
Created by Alva_The_Wayfarer


" People bring the small fires of their wishes together and since they don't want to extinguish the small flame...they'll bring that small flame to a bigger fire. A big flame named Griffith. I'm sure you know...I didn't bring a flame with me. I think I just stopped by to warm myself by the bonfire. "
- Guts to Casca

This build focuses on mostly Strength and also some Dexterity. Thus, it is considered a Strength Build or Quality Build.
This build's playstyle is to overwhelm the opponent with powerful strikes and is very challenging to new and veteran players.
This build incorporates Fashion-Souls for those who enjoy the novelty of it.




Build Summary

This Cosplay Build is an exceptional stand alone character as well as one who could venture into New Game+ with ease. It is equipped with the powerful and legendary Dragonslayer; the very same sword which has bathed in the blood of both Hollows and Demons alike! Although the weight of this Ultra-Greatsword exceeds some others within its own weapon class, the phenomenal base damage and long-lasting Hyper Armor Frames help cut down enemies with relative swiftness. For threats that are just outside your range, the build is always equipped with the trusty Throwing Knife which allows you to keep pressure on the opponent(s) while fighting. The Undead Hunter Charm and the Duel Charm are exactly the tools you should employ if the Hollows buff their weapons or constantly heal. If you happen to come across a shield user or someone who is heavily armored, the Weapon Art of the Dragonslayer is ideal for the situation as it is un-parryable, covers horizontal distance, and does massive stamina drainage. The Caestus is mainly a defensive tool, either for the quick damaging jab or as a parry tool to set up a critical riposte.

Build Strengths

  • Excellent gameplay in Offline and Online situations
  • Build can utilize three playstyles - [ Offensive | Defensive | Supportive ]
  • Build can deal damage at all ranges - [ Close | Mid | Long ]
  • Build has great physical defense - [ Strike | Slash | Thrust ]
  • Build has moderate spell defense - [ Magic ]
  • Build has moderate elemental defense - [ Fire | Lightning | Dark ]
  • Build emphasizes damage-per-hit rather than damage-over-time
  • All attacks have high priority, thus ensuring damage when trading blows
  • Hawk Greatsword possesses wide horizontal swings, with thrusting attacks, thus guarenteeing diversity in approach
  • Hawk Greatsword possesses auxillary Skill - [ Charge ]
  • Caestus possesses auxillary ability - [ Parry ]
  • Caestus possesses auxillary Skill - [ Perseverance ]
  • Canvas Talisman possesses auxillary Skill - [ Unfaltering Prayer ]
  • Dragonslayer possesses wide horizontal swings, along with vertical slashes, thus guarenteeing diversity in approach
  • Dragonslayer possesses auxillary Skill - [ Stomp ]
  • Pyromancy Flame possesses auxillary damage - [ Fire ]
  • Pyromancy Flame possesses auxillary Skill - [ Combustion ]

Build Weaknesses

Sides Notes

  1. While using this build, it is recommended that you upgrade your equipment to maximum for the best quality experience.
  2. While using this build, it is recommended that you always have at least 5,000 souls to resupply consumables after each encounter.
  3. While using this build, remember that the " Item Section " is all preference so feel free to change it as you play.
  4. While using this build, remember to have the Ashes of Ariandel & The Ringed City expansion(s) downloaded and fully installed ( w/ updates ) prior to playing.
  5. While using this build, enjoy the fact that you are cosplaying as protagonist Guts from " BERSERK " by Kentaro Miura.
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    • Anonymous

      Rest in peace, Miura. Thank you for giving us Berserk, such a masterful piece of fiction. Doing a Guts invasion build to honor his memory.

      • Anonymous

        Amazing build man, bonus points for including the multiple arcs. Only thing I would change is the Astora greatsword being swapped out for the cathedral knight greatsword, but i don't play pvp so maybe the Astora is way better lol. Great work :)

        • Lots of rework and fine tuning is needed. As it is now you end up with characters looking remotely like Guts from the manga but you builds aren't working. Using a heavy infusion on the Astora GS, a DEX weapon, isn't good. Make Guts a "dexfagg" or use the heavy Zweihander. The last build, Iron Dragonslayer Armor plus the GS without Havel+3 Ring isn't good either. What makes the Berserk beast form so outstanding is the animal like moveset. So Gael's/Artorias GS is the choice for that form. I know you aim for authenticity. But if those builds don't work or are inferior to other builds on the same level, authenticity is all what you get out of them. And nothing more.

          • Love the build, been playing it for a while now. Started New Game+ and feel incredibly good to kick ass. Heres a Guts face too, if you want more authentic experience:

            • Anonymous

              I don't understand why you have different armour for the Berserker armour and the beast of darkness. Both armours are the same except for the helmet. But other than that I love the build and am doing a guts build and it's working very well. Thank you

              • Anonymous

                I made a better cosplay build:

                Golden Age Guts: Herald Helm, Sellsword Armor, Nameless Knight Gauntlets & Leggings

                Profaned Greatsword +5

                Black Swordsman Guts: Undead Legion Armor, Sellsword Gauntlets, Alva Leggings

                Greatsword +10 (Dark, Hollow, Simple, or Heavy-gem infused)

                Berserker Guts: Morne's Helm (or Firelink Helm), Iron Dragonslayer Armor, Ringed Knight Leggings and Gauntlets

                Rings to use?

                Dark Clutch Ring (or Magic Clutch Ring if you are running Simple), tho if you are not using Dark or Magic, use Carthus Milkring.

                Carthus Milkring, Ring of Favor +3, Wolf Ring +3, Pontiff's Right Eye


                • Anonymous

                  i love thiw build very nice thank you sooo much...but i dont understand what class can i use the knight or pyromancer?...becauze you have stats for kight but you say is for only sorcere, cleric and pyro????

                  • Insanely well done cosplay build my man! :D
                    Bonus points for including the different arcs also.
                    Wish I could find your "Blackflame Forlorn" build too, sounds awesome.

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