Hound Rat

Enemy Type Undead Animal
Weakness Slash, Fire Damage
Resistances Poison, Toxic
Immune None

Hound Rats are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Hound Rat


Intrepid adventurers are never too far from a mischief of rats, curiously sniffing the air for scraps and potential prey. These pestilence bringers shouldn't prove to be more than a mere annoyance, but can still be unruly and difficult to predict in large numbers. It is wise to attack one rat at a time, as they are particularly skilled in surrounding players.


Slashing attacks are particularly useful against these enemies, and a few precise hits will quickly dispatch the undesired. Their attacks are largely predictable and recovery time is ample enough for players to attack multiple times.


Combat Information


  • Lunges forth at the player after a short buildup, and will bite continuously.
  • This enemy can be easily lured with an Alluring Skull, distracting them long enough to either escape or kill them. 








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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2018 11:59  

      I hate rats so much in this game they *****ing spam you into a corner and then kill you i would gladly commit genocide of the entire species in this game

      • Anonymous

        Genitalia27 Aug 2016 05:09  

        If you flip one upside-down after it's been killed, you can see that they're all male. You might also find your immersion increase

        • Anonymous

          Stunlock???09 May 2016 22:57  

          Really?? a rat shouldn't be able to stunlock, idc if you're Naked Joe or that they're over sized. After all the souls I consume as the Champion of Ash and I can get stunlocked by rats?? I call bull***** fromsoft...... This is especially annoying in groups cause they'll attack milliseconds apart keeping you from doing *****, I can't even roll-stun them to get away but I can roll-stun a hollow???

          • pack29 Apr 2016 23:39  

            like hollows, seem to be a lot more aggressive in pack, attacking furiously without many breaks. They can get annoying especially that their damage is noticeable in irithyl dungeon.

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