This page is a duplicate. Please refer to Burning Stake Witch.

    • Anonymous

      21 Dec 2018 04:01  

      Boreal Immolator is so much more badass not to mention the “stake” is literally called an immolation tinder.

      • Anonymous

        01 Jun 2018 19:45  

        I've just used hidden body and something really heavy, the Dragon Tooth works well (the bonus fire resist is always helpful) as despite their appearance they don't have very high poise.

        • Anonymous

          Helmet27 May 2016 00:14  

          Farming for this helmet makes me want to kill myself, I keep getting it's chestplate and gauntlets, I have about 6 of every piece but not a single helmet

          • Boreal Immolator who defies all physical laws of the univers14 May 2016 16:11  

            I understand the Dark Souls trilogy is a fantasy video game franchise however in regards to this particular enemy Fromsoft really broke the mold with this one. This enemy apparently isn't bound to the same laws of physics as the player or any other enemy for that matter as I've had this Boreal Immolator hit me with a fire attack that went up over a 30 foot balcony go 20 feet or more from that and strike me in a building. Another time I was hit with a fire attack through about 30 feet of solid rock. There is a huge difference between challenging, and down right ridiculous challenging.The game is challenging enough without enemies like this just giving the middle finger to physical laws that nobody else can violate. Would like to see this be nerfed as it's a direct disregard for players who's style of combat involve being sneaky and using the environment as protection like any real combat veteran would do.

            • Strategy03 May 2016 22:32  

              She is easy alone, just rush her and dodge her fire trail attack, don't get impaled and you can easily get within her pike distance and tear her up. If you have to deal with other enemies try to get out of her sight and then deal with her, alternatively you can try rushing her first, but you usually risk triggering other enemies

              • Anonymous

                Back Stab Not Possible?29 Apr 2016 21:34  

                I have never been able to successfully back stab a fire witch. Am I just retarded at this one specific thing or is it impossible? I have no problem pulling off backstabs in general. Can anyone Confirm that I'm not handicapped or otherwise mentally deficient?

                • Anonymous

                  Witch?25 Apr 2016 14:48  

                  No one notices the strange death of this witch when you kill her...Looks close that she is ascending..anyone? anyone?

                  • Anonymous

                    Name22 Apr 2016 08:42  

                    Considering its armor is called Fire Witch, I think we can safely assume its name isn't Boreal Immolator.

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