writhing rotten flesh dks3

Enemy Type Mutated humanoid
Weakness Extremely weak to Fire and Bleed
Resistances Strike
Immune ??

Corpse-Grub is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Corpse-Grub Enemy Description

The Corpse-Grub is a writhing mass of maggots and flesh, all attached to a single hollow. They are often found in areas containing water or filth, befitting their nature. As expected, Corpse-Grubs take massive damage from flame-based attacks due to their composition. 


 Corpse-Grub Locations


Corpse-Grub Combat Information

  • Uses its arms for quick swiping attacks.
  • Attacks that hit the player leave them with maggots. Maggots gradually build up Bleed and can be removed by Bonfires, Torches, Bloodred Moss Clumps or letting them apply bleed twice.
  • They hit very fast and easily stagger a player. Ready a dodge for their charge.
  • Use pyromancy, a torch, or a fire-infused weapon to stun them for a few seconds.
  • Ironically very susceptible to bleeding.


Corpse-Grub Notes & Trivia

Possibly a developed form of Infested corpse.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Mar 2018 21:07  

      Had a disconnect back to the menu while playing just now, and when I restarted and got loaded back in, the maggots were gone after having been hit by one of these. So going back to main menu and reloading seems to have the same effect as sitting at a bonfire in terms of clearing them off you, while also not resetting the area.

      • Anonymous

        15 Mar 2018 21:27  

        do Unkindle and Undead need to breath ? Because facing most enemy, such as this 1 make you want to cut your own nose :V

        • Anonymous

          Decent farming for echoes in moat at Cathedral of the Deep.07 Oct 2016 07:40  

          Doing slightly over 700 damage for a one shot kill using pyromancy flame +3, fire orb, and 25 intelligence. Adding Lloyd's Sword Ring does almost 800 damage, so 24 intelligence may be a one shot kill.

          • Anonymous

            locations24 Aug 2016 22:40  

            There's at least one in the irithyll dungeon, which isn't listed in the article. I don't remember finding these in the smouldering lake tho...?

            • Anonymous

              Story of the Torch +311 Jul 2016 21:12  

              So I upgraded my torch to +3 when i first started playing and my friend i was commonly playing with gave me ***** for it all the time, for 'wasting' shards on that...That same friend requested help in Cathedral of the Deep, being the nice person I am, I helped out, finding out he was having great issues with this creature, and all maggot related creatures. He knew about the torch removing maggots from his body, which was fine and well, but when he started giving me ***** for having my Torch +3 out with a shield I did not respond this time, I proceeded to run up to this pages creature, and as he yelled at me over our VOIP server "I'm not going to even try to save your dumb ass!" He immediately fell silent as I began smacking it with my torch, it screaming and burning in pain, and being quite literally 'stun locked' until dead. I stood there after killing it not saying a word, waiting, after about a minute of silence, he quietly asked over the VOIP "wtf just happened?" I calmly responded "Torches deal a bit of fire damage, and swing rather quickly with minimal stamina usage, zombies don't like fire." *uses Black Separation Crystal*

              • Anonymous

                Torch01 May 2016 21:16  

                Hit it with the torch repeatedly. It won't be able to get a hit in plus it's a good source of souls if you're early game like me.

                • Anonymous

                  ayy24 Apr 2016 23:04  

                  These ain't even bad. Now those shallow zombies with a maggot person coming out of their stomachs... *****ing nightmare material right there.

                  • Anonymous

                    Try Fire18 Apr 2016 12:04  

                    If it infects you with maggots pull out a torch to stop it dead.Roll under it's leap, kill it quick (fire helps) then pull out torch if infected and your golden.- Milton

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